Biased moderation and governance censorship in forums

As the title of the Topic States this thread is created to compile and discuss DFINITY’s Forum Censorship and how Biased Moderators employed by DFINITY enable it to censor any views that doesn’t align with their agenda.

Purpose of this topic:

  1. Discussing Censorship with examples and making a list of people and instances that advocate for censorship.
  2. Discuss why a censorship free forum is important for governance.
  3. Moderators have never resolved flags and uncensored the posts.



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and this one from today

From Today again, this POST

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This post from Today

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This post from December 2022

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tagging @ysyms @hehe @Ang @Tromix @nolyoi @Phasma @Apollon

This has been censored by someone and its not off topic post



@Artemi5 = @Apollon = @Ivan = @ivan_uncensored = @cat2 = @boomerfinity
Are you going to make a point or just post screen captures of examples where you and your other current identity @Apollon have violated forum rule and had you posts moderated? If you remain civilized and diplomatic you can post anything you want.

To the community:
THE FORUM IS A CIVILIZED PLACE FOR PUBLIC DISCUSSION. Censorship is not the same as moderation. This forum has rules and the rules are enforced reasonably on this site. There are many places without rules where people can go to cut loose and say anything they want about anything they want because there is no moderation. The forum is not one of them.

I do not work for DFINITY. I have not been asked to come to the forum to contribute in any way. Yet I do because this has historically been the best place for truly intellectually honest conversation about topics that are notable for NNS governance. I would like for the forum to remain civilized while continuing to allow the intellectually honest conversation that has been a cornerstone of this forum community.

The moderators can only do so much. The community has an important role to help keep the forum civilized. You do not have to respond to specific comments to help with this effort. All you have to do is flag the post and let the moderators take care of the rest. If you spend any time on the forum, you will find that what gets moderated is the content that the vast majority of reasonable people would agree is in violation of the forum rules and needs to be moderated.

Flagging a post is accomplished by clicking the three dots below the post and then clicking the flag icon. This will pop up a window that enables you to select why it is being flagged: e.g. off topic, inappropriate, spam, something else.

In case you would like to know the forum rules and expectations, here is a link…

Also, here are the screen captures of that page to help make sure these rules are clearly evident within this thread…


we read the rules wenzel, as we said if you have anything credible to contribute you can, otherwise stop derailing this thread with personal attacks which the moderators are ignoring.

Apollon will be back again, because they never really left.

Note that wenzel has been accusing Apollon Research, Me, Cat, Accumulating.icp and few others of being bad actors and same individuals

We are still digging through the forums for more evidence of censorship and abusing moderator privileges.

we are also looking for and counting the number of unresolved issues, unresolved flags and suppressed content.

We also look for instances of social engineering and damage control.

We will publish detailed information and also submit it on the NNS with proposals.

I hold Wenzel in high regard as a valuable forum contributor, whereas the seemingly identical profiles of Cat and @Accumulating.icp raise suspicions


We honestly don’t know how Cat and Accumulating got dragged into BOOM DAO discussions there.

To be crystal clear, I did not accuse @Accumulating.icp of being a bad actor or the same individual as the others listed. I asked a simple question if he is controlling the @Apollon identity on the forum. @Apollon immediately twisted the narrative. @Accumulating.icp provided an answer, which I accept in good faith. The fact that his name keeps coming up in association with this group is completely the fault of the people who keep bringing it up.

Just in case the title of this post gets changed, here is the original title. It’s a good title because it draws people in. I am in support of people seeing this thread if they are interested and I would not want it to be buried by changing the title if it doesn’t go the way the OP intended.

Continuing the discussion from Warning - Boom DAO Red Flag!:

You’ve flagged this topic as well and this reply to your accusations

its clearly you who is censoring the forums while launching personal attacks against apollon and banning those who did with help of DFINITY moderators

Not in chronological order

From your messages the BOOM DAO’s discussions have been derailed and led to it getting locked while Apollon repeatedly asked you not to

Stop spamming this thread Wenzel. Create a separate thread if you have questions about Apollon like he politely asked you to

Also it seems like moderators are ignoring the flags we sent about your off topic posts. In this topic and in BOOM DAO topic as well.

we wont be responding to any political debate here

Perhaps we should add more categories and not just have one ‘Governance’ but split it into more and make sure posts stay in their designated category.
A few names that come to mind: Governance informal / Debate Arena / Governance Lounge
And also something like: important governance news / updates

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The censorship in this forum is deeply concerning and runs counter to the principles of decentralization


I fully agree with you and that is exactly why we addressed this here and it is directly liked to the governance of Internet Computer.

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