Give Censorship to the Discussion Creator

Even though my posts have been censored many times on the forum, I have received several likes for those same posts before being hidden.

It appears to me that DFINITY’s goal is to onboard as many projects as possible onto the NNS, regardless of the project’s intent, and that those who speak out against any and all projects are censored, while those who are disruptive and support all and any projects are permitted to continue to stifle real answers and questions.

My vision of web 3 and the future are not real good at this time when I see sock puppets act and say disrespectful comments but is supported until a community backless because he has a project on the IC and has not learnt that he is offending his bread and butter and this will end badly for him.

Every time honest and real conversation starts the unhelpful start to tear down the conversation which in the end doesn’t end well for the IC as the unhelpful will have control and the rest of us will just get on with our lives.
How can we continue to have conversations when you are bullied?

I was censored for saying “I must be useless too” when I showed support for a member after the backlash he received from the unhelpful because he is not building on the IC. Yet the unhelpful was not only allowed to continue ranting but have the whole discussion closed, a win to the unhelpful again.

I also have received this from an unhelpful that appears helpful online but shows his other side through direct emailing.

Not sure just how to dumb this down so you can understand, since you just use translated English : you my friend are silly, idiot, moron, and so on. I will do a video on how stupid and idiotic and … and you are !@|

My first and only language is English and the rest is not important.

It seems to me we have a culture of bullies taking over and direct email should be disabled.

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Literally no idea what you’re trying to say.

We’re all building web3, you and your friends are just ranting from the peanut gallery so forgive us if we just ignore your inane, unimportant and unsolicited rants


I know you don’t but you will learn

Let’s go to 4chan
You will be able to speak freely.No one can blame you for creating extra threads

what happened ?
The Chinese community is often friendly and loves ic very much, especially sns1 and ghost, two powerful community-driven ecological coins, and we also love big brother borovan very much.:smile:


Thank you I didn’t know that, maybe

To that end, a lot of people accuse projects of being rugs because they don’t understand the ecosystem.

In order to clarify some things I have built and launched this landing page

Please check it out!

I believe that disrespect and bullying are prevalent in this forum, and that some users have appointed themselves as “legends”.

I would like to see more respectful and helpful discussions, and less pointless rambling.

I also feel that the moderator is biased and shows favoritism.

I believe that the moderator should be the discussion owner, and that the forum members should be able to decide what is fair.


Thank you for building on the IC and you are right I have had a look at your link and do not understand it at all and I would encourage you to start your own discussion and help me learn as I am guilty of being ignorant and turn away from these discussions I have very little knowledge of site.

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Yes, you are right, here we go again, I have no idea what you are talking about, please elaborate.

Nothing wrong with the tech, there are no bad organisation just bad people there. No idea what you are saying.

You talkin’ to me?

I’m just building… and trying to shut down people who come to this forum under the guise of having an intellectual debate but are trying to manipulate.


I thought you were a serious poster not a troll.

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Because of the extremely blunt way you present your ideas, it is tempting to dismiss what you’re saying as trolling, but I am beginning to think you have a point.

I would urge people to go and look carefully at the ‘regulatory concerns’ OP, which is overly vague and accusatory. It is all over the place in terms of topic, and peppered with several problematic assertions and assumptions, most of which recognise the SEC (and any of their spokespeople) as ultimate arbiters of truths and rights.

The whole topic became really mud-slingy, which is a real shame. To keep this on-topic, however, I do not think the solution is to hand censorship power to the creator of the thread. This will only create echo chambers and cross-thread arguments, since the most petty among us would simply censor everyone who disagrees with them.

@kvic I would encourage you to take a slightly wider perspective on this. @borovan makes good points (very badly) but I do think his intention is to preserve neutrality on the IC.



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well, that didn’t work

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Oh my god he’s still here.

What’s wrong with providing liquidity? Ever heard of Uniswap, Compound or Balancer? I did a lot to make those projects big. Provided 99% of COMP liquidity for about a year and got zero in exchange, but that’s a different story!

Is there a logical fallacy that’s like slippery slope but like 100x as slippery and as sloped? That’s what you’re guilty of here.


So this is appropriate language for the forum?

Stop ranting and go and have a beer :beer: