Why is DFINITY hiding posts about its affiliates in this forums? CodeGov got $250,000 USD Grant?

DFINITY has censored multiple posts of mine and keeps talking them out of context to hide their affiliates and insider activity.

CodeGov and its affiliates claim to decentralize the network yet they are heavily funded by DFINITY. This is a state of pseudo-decentralization and censorship.

How is this decentralized?

DFINITY has also failed to answer multiple posts I posted here, yet they ask me to create a topic here.

This is what we get discussing governance on a centralized forums? @diegop

Why is only my posts getting censored here and not your affiliates @diegop, the irony here is just…

Clearly the moderation system is being misused and manipulated by DFINITY and its affiliates to censor any opinion on governance and decentralization that does not align with their official narratives.

and they even admit to censoring posts in one post and adopting a victim mentality in the next post. How do we overcome this type of behaviours

I just want to say that:

  1. TNo one is hiding this post (so not sure what posts this user is referring to)… I did remove many comments this user posted in other threads that were hijacking and asked this user to make a new post.

  2. I genuinely have no idea what OP is talking about… and i genuinely am tired of the chaos this user brings on other threads. I have removed other users named “catpirate” because of behavior over the line. Is this the same user? I do not know, but the behavior is starting to rhyme.

  3. I genuinely invite readers to look at the user history of comments for this user and they can make up their own.

  4. This user did such little research in their attempt to troll they posted this: post as well: What happened to the On Chain Encryption (VET Keys) Feature that DFINITY finished developing in 2023 - #2 by catpirate3

even though there are tons of materials on vet keys

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always the victim ah Diego

Asking valid questions is troll?

Your post screams ad hominem :-1:

Before these people are quick to discredit me, anyone is welcome to check my twitter, to see what trolling actually is



Alright. I tried being patient.

You are now vandalizing this developer forum which i work hard to keep sane.

I am going to close this post and remove your user. Cheers.


If you really want to get your point across and questions answered you can try not doing it in the most unproductive, non conducive, disrespectful, and annoying way. You’re defeating yourself