Censorship in the Dfinity Forum

Critical voices and people with different views are getting censored in this forum. It speaks volumes how Dfinity development functions. Behind closed doors, not taking into account users views. Not user centric.Top down approach. Youre ignoring the most helpful voices. You wont get any better by listening to Yay sayers. Shame on yall who censor in here.


dfinity is fooling with ecosystem participants in an elitist way

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Got any example of who’s being censored? I see many people with unpopular opinions and/or opposing views to many things on the forum, yet, they’re not “censored” unless they’re spamming or breaking the rules. Critical voices are being heard for what I’ve been seeing.


I have read your comments.
Here are my thoughts:

  1. Stop repeating the obvious. Do you really think the community is that stupid?
  2. If you criticize something, explain what you don’t like. More specifics. Better yet, submit your idea. Then you will get feedback. Maybe a discussion will start. This is what intelligent and educated people do.

I’m sorry, but you look like a person who, in a moment of emergency, grabs his head and starts running around randomly and panicking, shouting something at the same time.
Either panic is your goal.

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Who is being censored?



Not exactly sure what you mean, but this is a Development Forum, if there are comments off topic or just spreading FUD this is not a place where it should appear - anyone can write whatever on Twitter, Distrikt, DSCVR… rather than to try to spam this devel space.


Rules are required to be followed. If on any subject someone responds with anything or disrespects another, there is no organization and they lose the answer that is worth it.

Weeks ago I am realizing that the forum is growing and I created a topic out of concern that the original organization of the forum and the valuable answers not be lost.

There is no censorship, there is organization. Many times I report answers and that’s not why users are censoring other users.

Is this censorship or is it correct moderation to organize the forum?


I agree with this. I am a moderator of the forum and I see it as my role to be very active in curating the forum for healthy dialogues and debates.

I will say this:

  1. You can find all kinds of criticism and debates on the developer forum.

  2. 4 out of 5 times, when I see a bad post, it was already flagged by the community, not by the mods.

  3. I routinely make a habit of asking people to change their tone when I feel something is unnecessarily antagonistic. Here is a recent example: Direct Integration with Bitcoin - #586 by diegop

  4. Yes, some people and posts are banned and removed. This after all is a community and developer forum and some folks quite frankly are not interested in having healthy dialogues. This is not a secret. This is an unfortunate action me and other mods take for certain folks in order to have a healthy community. I can tell you that creating the level of dialogue in this community has been an multi-year investment and it is one I take quite seriously.


I have been critical of many choices made by Dfinity but not one of my posts, as far as I can remember, has ever been flagged. There is plenty of room for debate and different points of view on this forum. Heckling, or its written version, just contributes noise with no signal, and flagging such spam posts is not censorship. Inch_Deen, to take one recent example, posted the same thing over again a hundred times under different aliases and ignored all corrections of their misconceptions.


I take great pride in PROTECTING critical voices and having healthy debates. It is one reason I try to have less ad hominem attacks and try to foster a culture of asking questions to understand.

And yes, some people and posts are removed, all in the spirit of a creating a healthy environment so spam, FUD, ad hominem attacks, repeating the same accusation over and over in bad faith, attacking other people, etc…

It is indeed, an unfortunate reality of of life in a blockchain developer forum.

But remember ICP is a protocol, the beauty of it is that this developer forum has no monoopoly on dialogue on ICP, people can go to many places. It is only as popular as people find it healthy and productive to take part on. It is a garden to be curated by humans at the end of the day.


Which “different views are getting censored in this forum” that you honestly feel had substance and were not repetitive spam, debunked talking points, or laughable logical fallacies? I have yet to see any technical arguments being censored here, so I’m fairly confident that nothing of substance has been censored lately. Please quote or paraphrase something that you feel was unjustly censored, and then put your voice behind it now as something worthy of debating. I will happily debate its substance with you, @ray. And, yes, that’s a challenge, so the shame will be entirely on you if you can’t come up with anything. Good luck!