Voting Power miscalculation. Or is it?

According to the formula, the voting power should be 28.02
However, the displayed voting power value points to the fact that the formula is 13.653 x (2 + 0.026)

Can anyone explain this confusion?

What do I miss?

Thank you


Got this response on the Discord Dfinity Dev Official

“Hi @C.J#6145 you should be able to resolve all of this seemingly on your dashboard by yourself. If you are still having issues with this then it simply means that your affected wallet address is not on the right derivative path with then newly updated system”

Which confuses me even more.

What is this “ derivative path with then newly updated system”

Any help appreciated


Now I also checked and saw a difference of around 2 ICP between the presented formula and the actual voting power, can someone look at that?

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Same for me. I have divided my investment in few different neurons and they are all miscalculated as well, on the loosing side for me. Any solution or explanation?

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Ahoy folks,

I do not have any context (so I do not want to spout or mouth off with half-baked thoughts), but I have surfaced this thread to the team to make sure someone who knows more is aware and can chime in.


Thanks for bringing this up of course!!

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Submitted the bug to the Dfinity support and it is indeed a bug. However, it is UI related as per response.

Here is the answer:

"After looking into this, it appears to be nothing more than a display issue in the NNS app. The governance canister is calculating the voting power correctly.

In the NNS app the voting power is displaying as too low, but the voting power is actually correct and the age bonus is too high. On the NNS Dapp the age bonus calculation is wrong. It thinks the age bonus goes from 1 to 1.5 (after 4 years), but it actually goes from 1 to 1.25

We have submitted a PR to fix the issue in the NNS app and it should be updated shortly. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
DFINITY Support Team"

Hope it is the case



Ahhh thanks for sharing the response for others.

That’s helpful, @nerdoutcj !

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After checking the above Support proposed hypothesis I still see an issue with aging bonus (AB).

The displayed ABs for the neurons (in age order from oldest to youngest) are

  • 1.018
  • 1.027
  • 1.019

The actual that is used in calculation are

  • 1.009029
  • 1.013327
  • 1.009301

So the oldest (first) neuron has lower AB than the consecutive younger ones. They seem scattered and not corresponding to their corresponding ages.

Submitted the reply to the the same support ticket

On the different topic

Another issue I started to notice is that my neurons are getting the same rewards even though they are significantly different in staked ICPs (double) and they vote together.
Can anyone check their ABs so we may have a clearer picture and it is not just me or I misunderstand something.
Will be monitoring it…


at Understanding the Internet Computer’s Network Nervous System, Neurons, and ICP Utility Tokens

The fact that I am restacking the first neuron constantly makes my age bonus fluctuate.

All good with that I assume.


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This calculation was fixed a few hours ago.

Check it now and the numbers should line up properly :+1:

I believe the issue is still there. The Voting Power according to the formula should be 52.16. Or the displayed aging bonus is still wrong.

See the screenshot

Any ideas?


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It’s still the same for me, one thing I noticed that the issue is on locked neurons only.

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Ahh woops my mistake, the calculation fix hasn’t gone live yet, it should be fixed in the next few days though.

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The fix is now live! I’ve double checked my own neuron and the calculation is now correct


Thanks, it shows the correct calculation for me now.

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All good. Works for me as well.

Thank you


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Hi @hpeebles, my age bonus was increasing each day. It had reached 1,029. But today, it is 1,015 high without any explanation. I did not change any habits. Could you help me ?

Did you increase the stake of the neuron?
When you add more ICP to a neuron you are adding ICP with an age of 0 which causes the overall age bonus (in percentage terms) to decrease.

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I have 1135 stacked ICP. To lose half of my bonus age, I should add 1135 other ICP. But I just merge each day 0,9 ICP, no more, so it should be quasi imperceptible. Here I lost 50%. It is huge.
Plus : I check everyday my age bonus. Never had any drop until today. On the contrary : I used to have 0,001 increasing each week. Some people have the same problem reported on the Dfinity Community telegram Channel.
Thanks @hpeebles !