Maturity/reward is not calculated correctly

Dear Team,
Three days ago (on 11th May) I have staked 2500 ICP for 6.5 years. However, i see that last three daily maturity has been around 0.003% and when merging just adding 0.6 ICP. I have smaller neurons with a shorter staking period and the generate much more ICP per day (like several times more). My neuron address is 17300337045874909993.
I have ensured that follow Internet Computer Association for all topics except Governance and that I follow ICP Maximalists Network for Governance.

Help and suggestions are really appreciated. Thank you


I have the same issue, my big 8 years neuron that I created 2 days ago generate a really low amount of maturity like you and my 100 ICP neuron get far more reward.

I really think that there is an issue and it would be good if it’s corrected asap.

Thanks in advance.

My neuron address is 18087730247389401669

Thank you for taking the time to write this.

I take this stuff very seriously so I will ping the team to see this thread.

Hello @JeronimoSap @2KEOY I’m an engineer who works on the NNS and as Diego mentioned we take this very seriously. While I cannot immediately diagnose what is happening with your neurons, rest assured we are looking into this and will post updates as progress is made. As there are several places in the stack where the problem could be occurring (NNS vs NNS Frontend for example), this may take several people and some time to debug.

Hi @JeronimoSap and @2KEOY

Maturity is distributed as a reward for voting. Assuming that you staked ICP in neurons and started voting (either manually or by following other neurons) your voting power started to contribute to ongoing proposals.
Proposals are up for a vote up to 4 days especially on the topics that really impact maturity (Governance and All other topics except exchange rate), even if they are accepted earlier on (by having more than 50% of the vote).
This means that only after the 4 days do the first proposals you voted for start to count towards your neuron’s rewards, i.e. you should start seeing your maturity increase after the initial 4 days as the voting closes for the first proposals you voted in and the rewards are distributed. It may take a few days more to get up to a stable daily reward amount
Please let us know if that doesn’t happen after that period and don’t forget to explicitly follow or manually vote on the Governance topic!


to add to the above, you guys could just follow a neuron that votes on all the proposals as well. Me I follow ysyms because he votes on everything pretty much immediately, and i’m too busy to vote daily


Thanks for you answer, indeed you are right. I now receive a normal amount of rewards.


Thats great to hear!