Incorect voting power after exit comunity fund and merge 4 neuron

After i exit comunity fund and merge 4 neuron (2 by 2) i see a incorrect voting power

posibile cause: 1. One of the neuron is not folowing corect folower that vote on all proposal and is a dust voting power, ussualy i manual vote

2. A small bug, if somebody in the team have some spare time, please take a look. Or i will wait 3-4 days :slight_smile:

After some digging (only 5 min, shame to me) i find that remaining neuron is not folowing corect neuron and the voting power was from old neuron. i will see in 2-3 day if is correct.

I will not delete this post, maybe somebody will find this useful, if the team feel that is spam please ping me.

Thank you Dfinity team !

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you got so many ICP’s :smile:
I hope we dip once more so I can get atleast 1000 myself. currently at 500

It was not easy, i sell all other coin,eth,btc, and a car :crazy_face:. I trust icp .

As i exspected, voting power is back to normal.

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Neuron not acumulating maturity, i do 90% manual vode, i espect to recover in 2-3 days but i lost maturity for a 3000 icp (app 2 icp/day) for a merge :frowning:
Neuron is acting like has just start voting and old neuron is rewarded for 0 Icp
Maybe a better explanation is needed !

Update : voting power is back to normal, reward is back to normal. even what i think reward loss is back after merging maturity for old neuron that show me 0 maturity. Tips for other that having same issue : Just have patient !