Major deviance in voter-reward calculation... this can't be right

I checked my first voter rewards today and something seems very off, has to be a glitch or something…

According to this article on DFINITY’s Medium:

Checking against my voting power:

The max dissolve-delay bonus should be 100%

  • check, my vote power for an 8-year dissolve delay neuron with 1 staked ICP is right at 2 (plus some dust)

The max-age bonus should be ~25% when maxed out at 4 years

  • check, the dust…

Here’s where it gets wonky:

Checking this vote on the NNS canister upgrade that I participated in, what appears to be the tally [by voting power] seems very off as there appear to be ~32 Quadrillion weighted votes. I thought to myself, ‘ehh must be a glitch or I’m misunderstanding something…

Then I went to the page for that Neuron to see what the maturity was for the first day of voting:

… 0.0008017%.

For those that are unfamiliar, that percentage equates (roughly) to how much of your staked amount you can spawn in a new neuron that comes preset with a 1-day dissolve timer.

as explained on medium (see screenshot below):

… 0.0008017% is the equivalent of dust for rewards; $0.00 when rounded, $0.00240510000000 to be exact [assuming a $300 ICP] for the first day of rewards on my 1-ICP staked neuron with a dissolve delay of 8 years.

This leads me to question further if what appears to be ~32 quadrillion total voter-power is actually the case.

If this number is in fact the total voting power:

  • that would put the average ratio of vote-power-to-ICP at around 92 Million to 1 with mine and other retail investors after genesis being around 2 to 1, plus dust, (for a neuron staked with 1 ICP after genesis with a maxed-out dissolve delay bonus and negligible age bonus)
  • retail investors after genesis would receive millions to 1 less of the ~10% of total coin supply voter reward pool this year than those who received pre-aged neurons at genesis.
  • assuming a $300 ICP and not accounting for further changes in the percentage of ICP that is staked, by my calculations that would be around 88 cents for the 1st year staking reward.

According to that medium article from last week, the age reward is supposed to be capped at 25% and achieved at 4 years, which would be reasonable.

Spreadsheet where I worked some out rough estimates (assuming a $300-priced ICP):

Hopefully, I am misunderstanding something in how things are being displayed or this is some kind of glitch… I couldn’t imagine this being intended.


Could you point me to a link where I can see this page for my neurons? → neuron tab → click on the neuron you would like to view.

Displays better on a full size device, not as responsive to mobile screens as it should be.

Thanks. My problem is, I have my key for my neurons on an air-gapped device. On this site ( I can only login with a new identity. How can I see my neurons in a view-only mode? No private keys should be necessary for this.

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Only thing I am aware of that may be of help is this link.

I only skimmed it.

Very strange indeed! Did you vote for all proposals that particicular day or just the one?

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Fun fact I have 2,665 ICP stacked with 5,33384041 voting power, but I also got “Maturity 0,00080161%”, …

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I have follow [Internet Computer Association] set on all topics but 1 from the day I created the Neuron.

and [Internet Computer Foundation] on 1.

Going to set everything to follow both just to be sure because if I understand correctly, if they don’t vote together, the NNS should cast a vote against on my behalf.

Makes sense because the maturity is [roughly] equivalent to how much of your particular stake you should be able to spawn in a neuron… so you’ve earned .00080161% thus far.

$0.00 rounded at current price.

You must have set your dissolve delay on that neuron set to 8 years too looking at your numbers.

I’m wondering how much of a boost in neuron maturity seed / early investors are currently getting per day…

Who do you have your neuron set to follow?

8 years dissolve delay and I didn’t started “unlock”, I set that neuron to follow both Dfinity and Internet Computer Foundation on all topics

I see that I can “Spawn Neuron” but not sure what that do? :slight_smile:

If this isn’t some kind of implementation bug, your current voting rewards come out to [roughly] .0021 ICP. If you were to press that spawn button that should be [roughly] what would be in the spawned neuron with a 1 day dissolve-delay. The article mentioned there was a bit of randomness to it and that the maturity rate as a percentage of your stake is what you should ‘expect’ to receive because how the maturity rate can change based off when it’s calculated or something.

Distribution of voting rewards is supposed to be distributed daily, at a rate of ~10% of Genesis supply (annually) for the first year and taper off to 5% following this parabola that is a quadratic function of time, meaning it’s a smooth curve just as displayed when calculated daily:

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I have pre-aged neurons, and my voting power as derived by this method: Neuron/ICP Instructions for Seed Participants :: Internet Computer

is a factor of 100M higher than the ICP hold in the neuron. I wonder if this is just a matter of the unit.
What is the smallest subunit of one ICP?

If you, @Chris , could get the voting_power of your 1 ICP Neuron the same way, we could compare. Because I don’t know whether your UX is changing the units.

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Hoping that’s the case, maybe % was added to the multiplier that is achieve the percent so the maturity should be slid 2 decimal points over?

(I deleted the percent symbol in the selected cell of the spreadsheet for this calculation)

This makes a lot more sense in terms of a [very roughly estimated] yearly API than what is currently displayed:

.0008 Percent … I’m thinking the percent symbol shouldn’t be there on the UI.

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So maybe this? …

I think you’re right on the way the votes are displayed, they probably did the calculation based off of how ICP is stored on the ledger (see section 2 of this screenshot) from the medium article:

(one hundredth of a millionth of an ICP)

I would suggest changing that ASAP on the front end [using javascript] to display in the same unit that users voting power is displayed in.

Also, if that percent symbol isn’t supposed to be there on the maturity screen it needs to be removed until the calculation displayed is correct with it.

So what you are saying is that 32 mill of voting power voted in favor of the example provided, where your voting power was 2?

2 things, the voting power looks to be displayed in the same unit that it is stored on the ledger (one hundredth of a millionth of an ICP) which comes out to a total of ~32 quadrillion.

I believe the total voting power of the proposal I screenshot comes out to ~320 Million in whole-ICP units, which looks good if so!

Also, I believe there may be an error in how maturity is displayed on the UI… I don’t believe the % symbol belongs as it makes a lot more sense without it (if the decimal is slid over 2 places)

This screenshot highlights what I would assume to be correct in green:

…but the suspected UI error has yet to be verified.



The daily voter reward for today has hit my neuron as maturity, and as expected, the maturity has doubled… should around .0008 every day added on my 8 year dissolve delay neuron (until a significant amount of people either fall below the 6-month dissolve timer required to vote, stake more ICP into neurons, or turn the dissolve timer on resetting their neuron age-rewards back to zero)

Still uncertain if it is .0008% or .0008 of 1 that is added (with 1 of 1 representing 100% maturity), I am assuming that whats displayed on the UI is wrong, but this has yet to be confirmed.

0.0016% is way different than 0.0016 of 1.

… one is pretty good and reasonably equitable no matter what point someone begins staking, the other would be a joke (literal $0.00 daily return [when rounded] and less than a dollar for the year at the current price for an 8-year dissolve delay neuron created post-genesis with a 1 ICP stake.

I’m pretty certain the percentage symbol displayed makes it wrong by 2 decimal places, I just want confirmation before staking any more… In the meantime I have asked my friends and followers to be careful staking until it is known for sure which is which while doing my best to avoid unnecessary FUD.