[BUG REPORT] Suspected typo/error in display of Neuron maturity

Looking the numbers for how the age and dissolve delay bonuses work I don’t believe the percent sign belongs in the UI.

Please confirm.

Worked through some numbers in another post


0.0008 percent is way different than .0008 of 1.

Please clarify which the maturity is (as displayed on the nns.ic0.app → Neurons UI)

Also problematic, but not as immediately important is that the vote count on propositions is currently displayed as they are stored on the ledger [a positive integer that is in units of 1 one-hundredth of a millionth]; this combined with the maturity being displayed wrong would have had me questioning if I had been scammed into a pyramid scheme if it weren’t for the people that are involved in this project.

The way things are displayed currently make it look to the untrained eye as if there is around a 100M to 1 staked ICP to voting-power ratio for people who have pre-aged neurons vs post-genesis stakers having roughly a 2 to 1 ratio with an 8-year dissolve delay.

A separate issue from way neuron maturity is displayed, but I would suggest converting the number displayed on the vote tally for propositions to display in whole-ICP units to prevent others from getting misled and running with it, this formatting could be done on the front end so as to be light on resources and commas would be a nice touch as well to know more at a glance what we are looking at.

Would be happy to help on these fixes if pointed in the right direction, I’m a full stack web developer.

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