[FIXED] Displayed neuron maturity has to be wrong, please confirm

Voting rewards are supposed to be as follows:

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(a gradually tapering yearly percentage that is to be calculated and distributed daily to voters)

The rewards are to be distributed as maturity to the voting neuron.

Maturity shows (in percent) how much of a neuron’s staked ICP will eventually be rewarded in the form of a freshly spawned neuron.

… So, for example, a neuron that contains 100 ICP and has a maturity of 10 percent can spawn a new neuron that contains 10 ICP in expectation…

Voter-rewards are to be distributed to voting pool according to vote-power

Calculation for vote-power is:

neuron_stake * dissolve_delay_bonus * age_bonus

  • max boost from dissolve_delay_bonus is 100% (achieved with max dissolve delay of 8 years)
  • max boost from age_bonus is 25% (achieved after 4 years of aging)

… so the maximum voting power of a neuron with 100 ICP is 250.

  • 100 + 100 [100% boost for dissolve_delay bonus] = 200
  • 200 + 50 [25% boost from 200 for age_bonus] = 250

However, this is the kind of results post-genesis stakers are seeing:


Which would be around:

  • 0.0008% of an ICP daily-reward
  • 0.29% for the year.
  • a return of .0029 ICP per ICP staked [in neuron with maxed-out dissolve delay] for the year.

The website and calculations make much more sense without the percent sign, effectively sliding the [roughly] estimated yearly ICP return 2 decimal places over to the right.

This was fixed today.

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