Guide: How to top-up an existing neuron

@hpeebles , thanks for this thread. I tried the increase neuron stake using the new button, and it didn’t update the amount of ICP displayed in the neuron on nns, despite waiting a couple days. Could you please help me with this? This is the transaction hash: 83045b3c4504685aba368a0a0cc49e76c423c359c195c6b557d861f13e97bb92

I think it didn’t update because the neuron that I increased the stake on was created 6/15 (before 6/19). The neuron # is 5693716811461854478 and principal ID is n6yy2-j5has-dbypr-bce5j-6zql3-4zcem-dlcbq-c6suv-by7wn-hy46n-yae

Thanks again!

I know that support for managing seed neurons via dfx is being worked on. I’ve just asked when this functionality will be available. Once I know more I’ll post an update here.

Did you end up getting a response on this eta to support managing seed neurons via dfx?

Ah I see what has happened. This neuron was created via disbursing an existing neuron.

Neurons created this way (+ seed neurons) can’t currently be refreshed using the same method as neurons created through the usual process.

Support for this is coming soon but the person implementing it is away for another week so I can’t give an accurate estimate. I’ll post in here once I know more though.

@aaa10247 this is the timeline you’re after too.

can you help me enter my icp in my old NNS account? I used a new NNS account because I failed to login in various ways, none of them worked, so I couldn’t buy a yubikey, and I replied to an email to the ICP guide with Robert Bodily also it seems he doesn’t can you help me, my old account’s NNS wallet address is still there, can I check on my binance account, to enter my old NNS account balance into my new NNS account, thanks in advance

Hi, I just increased my stake about 2 hours ago and the amount of ICP in the Neurons is not updated. Likely mine is one of the older neurones and require manual updating.

My Principle ID is hykyc-6qs3t-bar3y-7dbob-pimxp-4rjny-cn35i-5vhyr-e4ebj-de4m7-oae

Memo is 1230289953267954234

Also, do I still have to approach you for manual updating should I increase my stake again in future?

The above transaction was done using seed neurons.

@Bapakeanak2 the only possible way to access that ICP is to gain access to the account which owns the ICP.
It is probably worth firing a request over to the support team and explaining why you can no longer log in.
They may be able to to help you out.

@MiniWinks support for seed neurons is coming in the next few weeks. Until that time there is nothing that we can do. But don’t worry your tokens are still safe! And once the seed neuron support is live we will be able to refresh the balance of the neuron.

Thanks, @hpeebles.
I’m more reassured now. Until ICP solves the problem, will the neuron continue accrue maturity (aka rewards)? There is a matter of opportunity costs here.

Also, can you drop me a message when support does arrive? Thanks!

I’m curious why my neurons stopped maturing recently. All three stopped 3 days ago and there’s been lots of voting going on. They’re all staked for more than a year and had been maturing daily untill recently.