Guide: How to top-up an existing neuron

I only see a single transaction to the neuron’s address.

You can see the transactions to the neuron’s address here -

Which address did you send the ‘top-up’ transaction to?

Wanted to spawn a token but hit UNLOCK by mistake. No warnings, amything, just unlock my 8 years by mistake. Just lost my aging on this account. Please add a Warning pop up, please! Not too bad now but can be very costly if the account have 4 years…

Also, how can we get the account number from a Spawn neuron account? Just made one lock for 8 years but cannot see the account anywhere in order to add in the future…



Good suggestion regarding showing a warning when clicking on ‘Unlock’, I’ve put that into our backlog :+1:

We have done the work to add an ‘Increase Neuron Stake’ button on each neuron which will show you the neuron’s ledger account + allow you to easily send additional ICP to it.

This will hopefully go live before the end of this week.

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Wow, millions thanks

Also, when click on the X in internet identity right of a device, it does delete the device instantly. Another Strong Warning would be appreciated as this may put some people in trouble

I love your work


@hpeebles when sending more icp to a staked neuron from dfx can you use the neuron id as the destination address? so :

dfx canister --network --no-wallet call \
ryjl3-tyaaa-aaaaa-aaaba-cai send_dfx \
    record { 
        memo = 1 : nat64; 
        amount = record {e8s = <AMOUNT_TO_SEND> : nat64}; 
        fee = record {e8s = 10_000 : nat64}; 
        to =  "<DESTINATION_ADDRESS>"

No, you need to send the ICP to the neuron’s ledger account address which is different to the neuron’s Id.

Once the ‘Increase Neuron Stake’ button goes out to live that will make it easy to see the neuron’s ledger address.

I’ll post here once that happens. Hoooopefully that’ll be tomorrow!

I spawned a new neuron and when I lookup that neuron using the “neuron id” in the neurons account field is blank. what command in dfx displays the spawned neurons ledger account?

I know how to get the neurons details with get_full_neuron and get_neuron_info but those commands don’t display the neuron ledger account. @hpeebles

Normally I would say to find the ‘Stake Neuron’ transaction in your transaction list but that won’t work for spawned neurons so I think your best bet is to wait until the ‘Increase Neuron Stake’ button is added.

I’ll do whatever I can to get it out tomorrow!

It was spawned from a seed neuron. I don’t think it’s possible to manage neurons spawned from seed neurons in the nns app.

Ahhh I see… unfortunately I have no experience with seed neurons so I can’t help you there.

Feel free to raise a support ticket and those guys should be able to help you out.

i sent 1 icp to a seed neuron account number that is already staking icp.

the neuron shows that the icp was received within the neuron balance of the neuron.

but the 1 icp is not being staked within the neuron, it’s only being shown in the balance of the neuron.

using DFX, how do i stake that 1 icp within the neuron once it’s already been shown to have been received within the neuron balance?

This is a seed neuron so i can’t manage it from with the UI within the NNS app so need to do it within DFX. The neuron is already staking ICP, but i want to add additional staked ICP to it.

I read in the other thread that this command should work but since it’s a seed neuron i don’t know what to enter for the MEMO field since the memo appears to be 0 for the mint transaction, and then subsequent transactions where i sent icp to the neuron account number all have memo of 1.

dfx canister --network= --no-wallet call governance claim_or_refresh_neuron_from_account ‘(record {controller=principal “your principal Id”; memo=0 : nat64 })’

I tried using memo=0 and also tried memo=1 and both returned:

"Account does not have enough funds to stake a neuron. Please make sure that account has at lease 1000000 e8s?

Not sure why it says the account doesn’t have enough funds because I sent 1 icp to the neuron and then sent a second transaction of 0.1 icp in case 1 icp wasn’t enough taking into account fees.

i just want to stake more icp to the pre-existing neuron. is there a min amount of ICP needed to use when increasing staked icp in an existing neuron? why does it return that the account doesn’t have enough funds when the account balance shows that there 1.1 icp was received within the account but just isn’t being staked?

@cryptoschindler @hpeebles @Ori

@hpeebles I raised a support ticket and they directed me to this thread.

I know that support for managing seed neurons via dfx is being worked on. I’ve just asked when this functionality will be available. Once I know more I’ll post an update here.

There is now an ‘Increase Neuron Stake’ button on each neuron in the NNS app :partying_face:


Great thanks. Let me know when you have some additional details. Just to confirm: it’s currently not possible to increase the amount of staked ICP in a seed neuron? But it will be in the future ? Thanks

Will do!

And yup exactly that :ok_hand:

Well done, but now you have to reduce the width of the buttons. They’re now flowing out of the window frame.


Does increasing a Dissolve delay or adding some ICP to an existing neurons affect the neuron’s aging?

Is Aging showing somewhere?

Yes, the neuron’s ‘age’ is the average age of the ICP contained within it.

So if you have a neuron with 10 ICP with an age of 2 years, then you add another 10 ICP, the age will now be 1 year.

This means that the aging bonus in absolute terms will be the same immediately before and immediately after the additional tokens are added.

We don’t display the age in the NNS app, we should do though, I’ll see what we can do about showing it.

Showing the Aging and the account number associated with the neuron (with copy-paste function) would be really nice.