Guide: How to top-up an existing neuron

July 12th 2021 edit: There is now an ‘Increase Neuron Stake’ button on each neuron in the NNS app which makes this whole process much easier!

We have just updated the NNS app (

In this new version, if you want to add ICP to an existing neuron, all you have to do is send ICP to the address that the original ‘Stake Neuron’ transaction went to and the neuron’s balance will be refreshed automatically.

Here’s an example of a neuron I just staked -

In this example you can see that the ‘Stake Neuron’ transaction was sent to this account -

So to top up that neuron you can simply send more tokens to that same account.

Please note this only currently works for neurons created since May 19th since it requires the memo values which we did not store in the NNS app before that date. A fix for this will follow shortly (hopefully next week).

You can tell if the auto top up will work for your neuron by looking in your transactions list, and if the transaction is labelled as ‘Stake Neuron’, then the auto top-up will work, if not, it will still need to be done manually until the fix mentioned above goes live. For those that need to be done manually, please drop me a message and include your principal plus the account that the stake neuron transaction was sent to and I’ll refresh the neuron’s balance.



Allow a minute or so after sending the ICP for a neuron’s balance to be updated since these requests to refresh neuron balances are put into a queue and picked off by a background task.

Also, we don’t currently auto refresh the neuron details while on the NNS app so you will need to refresh the page to get the latest data.

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How to get a neuron address if I only have the neuron ID of those claimed instead of created through the NNS app? Thanks.

Could i get a neuron refreshed it didn’t seem to do it automatically.
principal id is : rhnl4-6v3wg-x3tnx-xgbja-l6rnu-7466q-6mlw3-hjher-qlyvk-udpmd-nae
memo is : 18398230957993051308

I just found a bug for this new feature. I sent 0.1495 ICP to the staked neuron account directly from exchange platform, KuCoin. The transaction records show that the amount has been topped up successfully. The total amount became
12.157 ICP. But my wallet is still showing the old amount, 12.0075 ICP.
Could you fix it?
Here is my transaction records.

Can you try checking your neuron again, I’m just wondering if maybe a lot of people signed in an a large queue built up before yours got refreshed.

If it still hasn’t been refreshed…
When did you stake the neuron?
Can you see the transaction in your history? If so, how is it labelled?

Can you also check your neuron again to see if maybe there was simply a delay?

If it’s still not updated could you let me know the neuron Id + your principal (you can find this on the ‘neurons’ tab in the NNS app).


@AlexChien I’m not 100% sure what you mean… do you mean you have a neuron assigned to you from the airdrop? (I have no experience in this area)

Hi it still has not refreshed. I created the neuron at 3pm on May 13th. The transaction shows up as sent ICP

Ah ok that makes sense then.

We’ll have a fix for those older neurons hopefully before the end of next week but in the meantime I’ll refresh yours manually.

I’ve tried using that memo value but it can’t find the neuron, could you send me the address that the stake neuron transaction was sent to?

67c52af8ea4982776f7998f3fb381a306e19e236ae568aac73fd605155142dd5 is the neuron address

Maybe this helps?

Ok that should be refreshed now :+1:

Yes, I have a bunch of neurons assigned to my principal from the seed round. I am able to interact with these neurons. When I am trying to top up these neurons with ICP (obtained from dissolved spawned neuron from maturity) to achieve a compound effect. I can’t find a way to find the corresponding Neuron address to send the ICP to. I only have Neuron ID. I’ve been searching the forum, it seems the way people are using is to find it from the NNS app transaction record which doesn’t apply to my situation.

From the response from get_full_neuron, there’s an account blob data, which I suspect might be useful. But I don’t know how to decode it into an address.

Found the issue!

I hadn’t been handling the case where the transaction originated from an external account.

I’ve fixed that now and we’ll hopefully get it out to live in the next few hours.

Hi hpeebles

What is the benefit of toping up a existing neuron vs. creating a new neuron?

Thank you.

You can only spawn a new neuron once the voting rewards are at least 1 ICP.
So having a larger neuron means you are free to access the voting rewards sooner than having multiple smaller neurons.
Also, it’s simpler to manage a single neuron.

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Can you top up by directly transferring from an exchange?

Currently… no.

But I did the fix earlier today and it is included within proposal 3817 which is currently being voted on.

If you have a neuron go and vote yes! Haha


I’m really not sure about this I’m afraid.

But I think your best bet is to simply create a new neuron via the NNS app which you can subsequently top up whenever you’d like.

That will work, thanks.