Staked neuron transaction history

Is there a way to see the staking history for a given neuron ?

I can`t find anyone nether in the NNS application nor in ICP dashboard application. What am I missing?

Make my question clearer:

We have to possibility to increase the staked amount of ICP in a given neuron. How can I see this history? I’m missing some transparency in this step !


click on neuron and scroll down and you will see voting history

Thanks for your response, but that isn’t want I mean. Let me try again to explain what I mean with staking history.

We have the possibility to stake some amount of ICP, increase the neuron stake and as well merge neurons.

I asking for liste like this:

01.01.2022 10 ICP for neuron 1234, staked
01.02.2022 20 ICP for neuron 1234, increase neuron stake
01.03.2022 10 ICP for neuron 1234, increase neuron stake
01.04.2022 5 ICP for neuron 1234, merged from neuron 1111

I am not aware of that functionality in the NNS FE dapp or in the dashboard, possible it exists with some more technical savvy somewhere. Let me ping folks.

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@rbole it’s not easy but it’s possible with a bit of digging. If it’s your own neuron you can get the subaccount from the governance canister. With that you can compute the ledger account of the neuron and you can see all the transactions that were made into the neuron account (e.g. on the dashboard).

You’ll be able to see every stake increase, but won’t easily be able to distinguish between increase of staking and merging. that too could be done with some more digging, especially if you know all the ledger accounts you increased your stake from (the transfers that didn’t come out of those accounts are likely merges, you can traceback the history of the merged neurons the same way as well).


Don’t know how to achieve that

Could you give me an example how can I convert the neuron to the ledger account identifier.

If I know the account identifier from the neuron, then I can use the ICP dashboard to query all transactions regarding this account and these should be staked transactions to that neuron, right?

ah, Ok I found it:

  • take your NNS main account or the subaccount which you have used for the last staking process
  • query this account identifier in the ICP dashboard and see all transactions for that particular identifier
  • search for your last staked amount and click on the TO identifier to see the whole account identifier for that neuron, copy that identifier, this identifier represents the neuron on the ledger canister
  • do a query with this account identifier again and you can see all transactions regarding this account identifier == neuron
  • the query result should be all staked ICPs on that neuron with the correct timestamp as well
  • then you can export an CSV file for further usage

Hi please send me a private message I had a similar issue I’d explain how I handled it in full in the DM’s