Disbursing Unlocked Neuron directly to Staking Neuron Account ID

I have question regarding increasing neuron staking.
If sending ICP to Staking Neuron ICP account ledger == Increase Neuron Stake and increase VP, can I disburse unlocked reward neuron directly to destination Account ID of the Staking Neuron ICP ?

You’d be able to do this via the command line using dfx, are you managing your neuron using either quill or dfx?

I try to use nns.ic0.app, disbursing small amount of unlocked neuron directly to Staking Neuron Account ID. It appears to me that at some occassions, the nns UI can not detect the increased staking balance automatically.

Hi @ajismyid

What do you mean by “directly to Staking Neuron Account ID”?

What flow exactly is giving you problems? The “Disburse” button? or the “Increase Stake”?

If you could provide a way to replicate the issue we can look into it.


Hi, thanks for the response.

I was experimenting alternative shortcut route on how to increase my neuron staking with my unlocked spawned reward.

On NNS UI, when we want to increase staking on a neuron from disbursed reward, usually the common route is : Disbursed unlocked Neuron → Main Account ID → Increase stake on the Staking Neuron using “Increase Stake” button

My experiment route: Disbursed unlocked neuron → destination : Staking Neuron Account ID
(Instead of disbursing to Main account, I was disbursing directly to the account ID of the staking Neuron. I did not use the “Increase Stake” button)

The Result of my experiment : On some occasion, the Staking Neuron can not detect the increasing balance of the new added ICP automatically. Only after I increase the staking again by small amount using the “Increase Stake” Button, then NNS staking neuron detect the changes and the balance is consolidated & updated.

Question: Why the NNS neuron on some occasion can not detect the increasing balance of the ICP staked automatically if we increase the staking not via “increase stake” button ?

Ah, ok, I see. That’s an interesting flow.

To increase the stake is not enough to send the tokens to the neuron account, the neuron needs to be refreshed.

Take a look at our code if you can read code.

First, we do the tokens transfers, and then we make a call to “reloadNeuron” or specifically a manage_neuron call with ClaimOrRefresh.

Therefore, just transferring tokens to a neuron account, does not increase the stake (yet). It needs another call.

This would be the same if from a normal ICP transfer, you send tokens to the neuron account. The stake would not be increased.

Thinking about it, we might want to take a look at that and check neuron balances in the background so that the claim or refresh call is done automatically.

I hope that answers your question.

I’ll discuss it with my team.


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