NNS Neuron rewards seem incorrect


Not sure exactly where to be posting or sending this but I thought I would start here. If anyone has any better suggestions for who to contact please let me know in the comments.

I recently acquired an internet identity from idGeek that contains 2 neurons.

Neuron 1 has 522 ICP (aprx)
Neuron 2 has 314 ICP (aprx)

They are both setup identically for voting. Both are 8 year non dissolving auto stake maturity. The rewards I am receiving for Neuron 1 are wrong as far as my calculations are and also according to the dashboard reported daily maturity.

Neuron 1 is receiving 0.11 ICP per day - dashboard says it should be 0.21 which is where I think it should be also
Neuron 2 is receiving 0.13 ICP per day - dashboard says correctly 0.13

Can someone explain this to me, hopefully someone from Dfinity as I am convinced there is something wrong with neuron somewhere that is causing it to not receive the correct daily reward. I’ve linked vpGeek (please check out the dashboard as well).

Neuron 1

Neuron 2

I’d really be grateful for some explanation as to what is going on here and if this can be resolved. It doesn’t seem right to me. Thanks in advance

@dominicwilliams @Jan

Were you able to fix this? The reason that I ask is that you wrote:

Neuron 1 is receiving 0.11 ICP per day - dashboard says it should be 0.21 which is where I think it should be also

But your vpGeek link shows this happened today:

increased ↑ its maturity stake from 13.85 ICP to 14.06 ICP (+1.54%, +0.21)

So the numbers match, 0.21 and 0.21.

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And this is not related to your problem, but if you want to automatically vote on every proposal, you may want to consider following a different neuron for SNS & Neurons’ Fund, since your neurons did not vote on proposal 129639. The attached screenshot shows the known neurons that did not vote on that one.

It does seem that the neuron in question is consistently receiving lower rewards than the other one, until today.

Note that the voting rewards reflect the voting power at the point of proposal creation. Has there been any changes on this neuron recently (I’m not sure if VPGeek shows all the activities on the neuron)?

For example, if the dissolve delay was near 0 until ~1w ago (and increased to ~7y later), then the lower rewards would be explained.

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Thanks to both for such a prompt response.

I can see the neuron is now getting the correct reward, which is brilliant. It must have happened not long after I posted.

I would have updated the SNS and Neurons Fund to Dfinity but they haven’t voted. I’ll try and find another neuron to follow.

There have been no changes to the neuron since I acquired them and updated the follows for neuron voting and increased the dissolve delay to 8 years on both. Was done at the same time which is why I couldn’t work out what was going on with Neuron 1.

Again thanks to both and super impressed with the speed of response.