Traditional market link and decentralized token

Greetings, I hope all friends are in the best conditions of the market.

In this post, we present a proposal to plan the basic structure of the COE project and we hope that with the interaction of the ICP blockchain elders community, we can challenge this plan and prepare for future challenges with this action.

This interaction can help our team to modify the development plan if needed.

Topic: Linking the traditional market with a decentralized token structure

The implementation of such a plan requires prerequisites that are hypothetically expressed from the present time and we will solve these needs in the course of development.

When we say that we want to link the traditional market with a token structure, it means that we want to bring liquidity from traditional businesses to the decentralized token flow under special conditions.

We assume that a traditional business such as a coffee shop or a restaurant wants to distribute a percentage of its financial flow among its investors in a targeted and specific way.

Who is the investor? The person who keeps the tokens of the desired coffee shop or restaurant!

Example: The restaurant in question commits to put 20% of its financial input into the cash flow of its token and give it to investors.

how about At the end of every month, the restaurant buys its own tokens with 20% of its financial input and gives these purchased tokens to its community with the help of a reward pool, in this case, the investor community of this restaurant can increase the price and volume every month. Experience the property.

Challenge: How can investors be sure of the amount of financial input of the restaurant in question?

Condition: This event is planned with the condition that the restaurant in question has an open source accounting system and the community can see the financial turnover of the restaurant at any moment.
It can also be considered for the IP camera above the box so that it can be viewed and monitored online by any user.

What is the benefit of this system?

If locally in a region, restaurant investors are service consumers, therefore, consumers prefer to buy from the restaurant in question and also recommend it to their friends… because as the income of the restaurant increases, their capital also increases. will grow
Also, this can be attractive for token investors of this restaurant, because even if they are not present at the establishment, they can benefit from the sale of this restaurant.

In such a plan, it is possible to plan the marketing and branding system of the restaurant in the traditional market to engage the customers in person with the desired token.

The COE project is developing this plan, the COE project is developing this plan in a completely community-oriented way and is asking for support from the community of chain elders…

How will the creation of such a plan benefit the entire ICP chain:
This plan can help the entry of new users as well as the continuous flow of capital from the traditional market to the liquidity structure of the chain. In the long term, if the project grows, the number of traditional businesses will increase to build a real supplier brand.

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Thanks for the inspiration!

What stage is COE at?

What traditional markets have you connected with and what are the associated results?


The COE project is in the phase of initial share distribution.

We believe that if we want an idea to grow in a completely community-oriented way, we must first provide the shares to the community for free and give the community the right to consult if approved.
Community-oriented economy…
Creating a community-oriented economy stream is the dream of the COE project.
We invite you to read our white paper and if needed, we are here to solve the challenges