Food coe opening date - performance report

The COE project has been conducting operational research for more than 1 year on the integration of traditional businesses with its token structure. Parallel to the growth of the community with the help of ap-coe NFTs airdrop, we implemented the FOOD COE executive plan with the help of BABY AROF and after 7 months we are close to opening the first traditional COE business.

The goal of the COE project is to create a community-oriented economy stream. COE believes that by integrating traditional businesses with the COE token structure, it is possible to grow a community-oriented economy without the involvement of large capitals and banks. Create and employ traditional businesses, reward special customers with a percentage of the financial input of the desired traditional business, provide rewards with the help of the ICRC-1 standard token.

In simple words, traditional businesses are created with the help of COE, they are isolated and can be integrated with COE token in specified frameworks. Traditional businesses save part of the income in ICPs on a daily basis and convert ICPs to COE tokens on a monthly basis and distribute them to customers who are members of the customer club.

In this case, the COE token is requested by traditional brands every month and the purchased tokens are distributed among a large number of their customers. The COE token becomes more decentralized, the COE token is known. The COE project aims to target businesses that can meet the needs of the general public. (food, clothing, housing, capital)

This little deli is a start. This small business records data and shares the analysis of the COE plan with the community in the form of research and of course operational phase. We strive for success and do not think about failure!

In summary, how will the FOOD COE plan work?

The sale of FOOD COE sandwiches is done in both face-to-face and non-face-to-face ways. You can become a customer club member only if you buy in person from FOOD COE.

In-person customers can receive training and create an ICPswap wallet in a few simple steps if they wish and become a member of the customer club. After creating a wallet and completing membership in the club, customers will receive an NFT from the FOOD COE collection.

10% of the financial input of FOOD COE will be converted into ICP tokens on a daily basis, and every month the stored ICPs will enter through the BABYAROF/COE trading pair and buy COE tokens. Purchased tokens will be distributed among holders of FOOD COE NFTs. In fact, this is a reward for members of the customer club.

There will be a maximum of 10,000 NFTs from the FOOD COE collection, which will increase the income of FOOD COE NFT holders with the growth and development of the FOOD COE brand as a brand in the traditional market. In fact, buying a sandwich from FOOD COE can be an investment.

BABYAROF transaction growth and more token burning

You probably remember BABYAROF as one of the old memecoins of the ICP ecosystem, this small token created the first trading pair with the COE token. BABYAROF token structure will work in such a way that 3% of the volume of BABYAROF tokens will decrease with each transaction. 1/3 of these tokens will be burned and 2/3 of these tokens deducted by staking will be returned to the community.

With the growth in the number and volume of BABYAROF token transactions, the expectation of increased token burning can make the prospect of this decentralized token very clear as the first support of the COE token.
And of course, the growth of transactions and the growth of the community of this trading pair will also have a direct effect on the reduction of ICP liquidity, because the main support of the BABYAROF token is the ICP token, and in case of burning more BABYAROF tokens, we can expect that the locked ICPs will always increase.

The long-term perspective of the development of this attitude
Imagine a city where many businesses are integrated with the COE token. Now imagine a platform that introduces businesses integrated with COE. If the city in question has tourist resources, we can turn this city into the economic and tourist hub of the country.

Opening date: The date set for the opening of FOOD COE is 23/5/2024.

Only 1000 tickets will be available for international supporters at a fixed price of 0.46 ICP. By purchasing FOOD COE NFTs, interested parties can ensure the stronger development of the FOOD COE brand and participate in this event as the first members of the customer club without purchasing in person: Continue now <<<

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True utilization of the tech that ICP can offer to a real-world impact! The use of NFTs as a reward system for customers while creating IIs and introducing into the ICO ecosystem is amazing! I’m proud to support COE and BABYAROF :smiley: Will the ALP project tie-into this one as well?

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The implementation of such an idea can only be possible with the ICP blockchain. Low fees, easy to use, very high speed, completely decentralized and…
The ALP project is the first round of COE funding after a year of efforts. This financing will eventually become an independent project. ALP is in the sp-coe stage, continuing the story of ALP, two more projects are planned with the support of ckBTC and ckETH, the entire sp-coe stage will empower the roots of the COE token, after the distribution of COE tokens for ap-coe NFTs The price can remain stable.
We hope that at the same time as the completion of the sp-coe phase, we will be able to unveil an on-chain platform and do the main financing of the COE with the help of nns. There is a long way ahead, we stand and devote ourselves to growth!

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