COE project idea and start on ICP blockchain

Greetings and respect to the elders of the ICP community

The name of the COE project stands for community-oriented economy

We have written a white paper to create a new economic stream parallel to macroeconomics, and we want this project to be developed in the best possible way with the support of the elders of the chain.

Creating a community-oriented economy by connecting traditional businesses.
In the cryptocurrency market, there is always someone who pays and someone who wins, but trading is not the only capability of digital assets…

In the near future, we will see the connection of traditional markets with decentralized structures, so we also started with this goal and as one of the first.

The only way to guarantee more profit to users is to link with traditional businesses… but how is this possible and how big can it be?

Imagine an accounting system that provides all the data of a store to the community as an open source…

On the other hand, this store is committed to give a certain part of its financial input to its investors…

Investors are people who keep the special token of the desired store…

The store enters the current income of the committed part into the cash flow of its token and this cash goes to the community with the help of the reward pool…

But there can be many “ifs” in this idea, but I must say that we spent a lot of time thinking and calculating about this idea… this idea can be implemented by observing predetermined conditions.

Large traditional businesses do not accept the risk of this issue due to the lack of sufficient information about the blockchain platform.
Cryptocurrency projects also do not accept the responsibility of this action due to the lack of sufficient information about the growth system of traditional businesses…

But the COE project grew and was born with this mentality from the beginning:

Create a new currency by creating a decentralized token
Distribute initial shares to the community with the help of NFT tools and market
Educate and culture the society
attract capital and create traditional businesses

All cases are decided in DAO and with the help of the community…
COE is not a meme token with the goal of flying to the moon…

COE is a new currency that directs liquidity from the traditional market to its token flow on the ICP blockchain.

We request the ICP blockchain giants to support our team. The COE development team provides all the necessary items in the form of short-term and long-term reports to the community and you. COE waits to be seen.


website: home - coe project

ap-coe collection: NFTgeek - Analytics tool for IC NFTs


So finally this is you :

Quick question though how much Sponsorship did you get from the projects that you listed way back ?
And ofc any proof of that would be helpful.

Good luck with the new currency.

Greetings and respect.

The COE project has not received any amount, currently we are in the initial stages, we will distribute the initial shares in the form of ap-coe NFTs to the community, the community will not pay us any fees to receive these initial shares.

At this stage we are trying to form the initial DAO so that we can plan events and next steps of the roadmap with the help of the active community.

Until today, we have not received any fees from the community, and our only investment has been in the design of the website, as well as the creation of the first NFT collection. We believe that COE will grow in a completely community-oriented way and does not need large capital.

So you are telling me that having this on the front page for months now is a lie ?

Welcome to the IC, you will fit right in. All the best.

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Yes, I understand what you mean, it was a problem with the translator that was fixed, I’m sorry for that

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