Development plan of the first traditional business (food coe)

Development of the first traditional business with the help of the BABY AROF project and the investments of this team…

You probably know that AROF is the author of both BABY AROF and COE projects. At the suggestion of AROF and with the personal investment of this person, the first traditional business will be created so that he can develop the first tokenized restaurant in his country.

AROF believes that ICP is the most attractive blockchain and has been extremely successful compared to other blockchains to date. He sees the current price of ICP as an opportunity and thinks that if this price opportunity is not used to build and develop, it will become a regret in the future. .

But how will this action be implemented?
Each of the BABYAROF or COE projects have their own goals and roadmaps and strive for different goals, but in a collaboration event, the BABY AROF development team and the COE project put 3% of their total token liquidity into a liquidity pool. data and decentralized this pool.

The goal is to create the first traditional business, this traditional business will be developed to grow both the BABY AROF and COE projects and bring profit to the in-person customers and investors of the two tokens.

Here we have the COE token which has no distribution and a decentralized pool with the BABY AROF token… BABY AROF token is a completely decentralized and distributed asset that is burned and increases its intrinsic value with every transaction.

In general, this structure will work like this:

  1. Traditional business will be established within the framework of COE project rules
  2. 10% of the foodcoe restaurant’s financial input will be separated from each night’s income and converted into ICP tokens.
  3. At the end of each month, the collected ICP tokens are used to buy BABY AROF tokens
  4. These purchased tokens will be awarded to users by a reward pool (the community will lock COE tokens and BABY AROF tokens will be rewarded)

The important thing is that this should be included in the restaurant’s marketing plan, the people who make the first purchase and join the customer club will be given gifts in the form of BABY AROF.
In-person customers will be given training so that they can convert their gifts into COE tokens.
Customers realize that by buying and recommending foodcoe, they can share in the restaurant’s profit and earn money. As long as the ICP token is at its lowest price points, the restaurant is investing for all its active customers.
Customers recommend the restaurant and buy to earn profit… The success of this project can be a proof of the perfection of the COE plan and start the first stream of community-oriented economy.

In our traditional business development roadmap, we see how fast we can grow and establish more branches, and it is also expected that we can quickly open agencies around the world.

Note: This liquidity pool is provided from the cooperation share, the cooperation share is 5% of the total liquidity, of which we considered 1% for cooperation with BABY AROF, if a project intends to cooperate in this way, the terms of the project and the transaction must be completely decentralized.


Together and for each other


Obviously you are steady fulfilling your goals and that is impressive


It is an honor to be with us

I love seeing ICPreneurs exploring ways to incorporate traditional businesses!

This is ultimately how ICP will win, by bringing in money from the real world economy.

Fun idea:
You could include QR codes on your restaurant’s printed receipts to onboard the in-person customers into web3 and gift them a few BABYAROF tokens.


We are amazed at your creativity…exactly that.
In this content, to simplify the face-to-face marketing plan, it is not stated…

Suppose you get food from a restaurant and along with the food you are given a small gift in the form of cryptocurrency…

Now you have the opportunity to see the training to understand the value of the gift…
A month later, you visit your gift and see that your 3 cents have turned into a dollar…

You can also place the COE token in the reward pool and earn BABY AROF token…

Finally, after a short period of time, this flow can cause word of mouth advertising and increase in-person customers… an increase in sales is equal to an increase in the profit of in-person customers (and of course asset holders and investors).

Of course, we don’t offer investment to in-person customers and they can only enjoy with gifts. Because the proposal to invest in the traditional space can cause legal follow-ups and…