How COE creates the first traditional business

  • How is the first traditional business created by COE?
  • How is it possible to link the traditional business with the token structure?
  • How does a COE development plan help traditional businesses experience sales growth?
  • How does linking traditional business with COE token help the growth of ICP chain?
    In this article, we will answer the above questions and talk clearly about the executive plans of the COE team.

How is the first traditional business created by COE?

The first traditional business will be created with the investment of the BABYAROF team.
The COE development plan was written by AROF, AROF made a proposal to prove the success of the COE plan and agreed to invest in this plan.

BABYAROF team agreed to invest with the aim of using the COE project development plan.
Put 3.3 million BABYAROF tokens owned by BABYAROF team into a decentralized COE token pool and enable trading for COE tokens.
Also, AROF person agreed to make personal investment. Investing in a business that will spend 10% of its financial input to grow the value of the BABYAROF token and COE.

The plan to open a fast food restaurant with a limited menu and high quality food as well as a very economical price.

How is it possible to link the traditional business with the token structure?

In the development plan of the COE project idea, frameworks have been defined that by observing the necessary points, traditional businesses can be easily linked to the token structure.
In order to realize this idea, some frameworks should be followed as rules to help clarify as much as possible.

  1. Traditional business should use public and open source accounting reports to be visible to all project users
  2. Purchase documents of raw materials in the form of public documents should reach the community in daily and weekly reports and be visible to the public
  3. Daily sales reports should be exposed to the public in the form of store accounting system + open source accounting system
  4. The percentage of the pool’s current income that is set aside to enter the crypto world must be converted into ICP’s sovereign token every night in order to maintain an equal and close value between the income and the global price of ICP.
  5. ICP storage should be reported weekly on all social networks.
  6. The traditional business should unveil the characteristics of the token structure in the face-to-face sales and marketing plan and inform the face-to-face customers about the conditions of possible profits.
  7. The traditional business should use IP cameras above the cash register and the camera images should be publicly visible
  8. The business in question must have defined specific plans in relation to the marketing system and the customer club and fulfill the marketing obligations of the community itself.
    These eight main conditions are considered as the executive frameworks of a traditional business.

Most of the traditional businesses in operation are not interested in raising their profit margin and income, but if they do this, they can creatively use new ideas to grow their sales volume.

How does a COE development plan help traditional businesses experience sales growth?

  1. The answer to this question is clear, creating powerful added value for customers.
  2. The possibility of using new and innovative marketing plans.
  3. Create word of mouth advertising for your business.

> At the time of writing this article, the majority of society may not yet be familiar with the structures of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but sooner or later this will become public and the day will come when the majority of society will deal with blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their daily lives.

We will make this topic understandable with a real example.
A small business called foodcoe has been set up, and the community goes to this fast food for food and necessities of life. As the first purchase, customers realize that by becoming a member of the customer club, they can receive 10% of the amount of their first invoice from these fast food COE tokens.
Even assuming that they do not have any detailed information about cryptocurrency, customers can learn in two short training videos how they can store COE tokens and load them into the reward pool for profit, and even how they can buy or convert them into banknotes. .
Also, customers realize that with every purchase from this traditional business, the value of the assets they received as a gift will grow.

This action of COE can bring word of mouth for food.coe and increase fast food sales, sales growth equals more growth in the value of COE tokens.
In this case, food.coe is sharing the profit of the sale with the customers, if the quality of the food is good and also has an economic price, the poor people of the society prefer to buy from this fast food so that the profit goes to their own pockets.

Also, customers can get to know the profit of this business and more things on the way, which is again for the benefit of the society, and the society can take advantage of such an opportunity to get representation.

First, let’s see how this business works.
food.coe converts 10% of its financial input into ICP tokens at the spot price at the end of each working day. Maybe in the first days there will not be significant amounts, but with the growth of this idea, we can see a future where significant amounts will enter the liquidity of ICP every night.
At the end of 30 working days, it converts the collected tokens into BABYAROF tokens and distributes them among the COE token holders with the help of the reward pool. Considering the transaction structure of BABYAROF token, it is predicted that many ICPs will go out of circulation and inflation will be reduced for the ICP token.

Keeping in mind that new users enter the ICP community, this plan will help the growth of chain users.

The plan to link traditional businesses with the decentralized COE token structure can become an open source idea in the near future after it is matured, so that any traditional business anywhere in the world can connect their business with the COE token structure. Experience sales growth.

We invite you to read the COE white paper: what is coe? - coe project white paper

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