COE Token Status - Letter to ICPCOIN


With the aim of listing on the ICPCOIN platform, we will fully review the status of the COE token.

Objectives of the COE token
The COE project was designed with the aim of creating a community-oriented economy without the involvement of banks and big capitals. The COE project realizes this dream by linking traditional businesses and a decentralized token structure.

Community-oriented economy is a plan that can be used in all regions of the world and cause employment and growth of financial turnover in traditional businesses.
Also, using the COE plan can reduce taxes as much as possible, and this reduction in tax costs for traditional businesses can be spent on developing and creating more employment.

What future did the COE token see?
What is the future that can be imagined for COE? Food, clothing, housing, investment portfolios. COE can cover and provide a set of community needs. All traditional businesses can use the COE development plan and creatively connect their business to blockchain tools to witness sales growth and create a new experience for customers.
If you are a business owner and if you can give part of your profit to customers, you can tokenize your business within the framework of the COE plan and integrate with COE.

Token Details:

  • Name: COE
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000
  • Decimals: 8
  • Transfer Fee: 0.0001
  • Canister ID: pmlt4-pqaaa-aaaak-aewmq-cai

COE token distribution structure:

  • 2% between ap-coe NFTs
  • 1% between sp-coe NFTs
  • 5% between coe NFTs (or SNS)
  • 2% airdrop
  • 5% business partners
  • 5% for the development team
  • 15% liquidity
  • 15% Pool support
  • 50% of the farm

What is the current state of the COE token?
Currently, 99% of COE tokens are kept in a wallet with a specific name. 1% of the total liquidity of the COE token has created a trading pool in a collaboration event with the BABYAROF token.
The liquidity document of this trading pair has been burned.
In the picture below, we can see the wallet of the development team: click for a detailed view.

In the picture below, you can see the conditions of BABYAROF/COE trading pair

Currently, the only way to invest in the COE token is with the help of the BABYAROF/COE trading pair.

COE fundraising status
The sp-coe section is the first stage of fundraising. Three independent projects will be born in sp-coe department, each project will manage its structure in a community-oriented way. This will strengthen the COE token.
Currently, the ALP project was able to attract 190 ICP funds by selling 10% of the collection and carry out a large amount of visual advertising.

After the completion of the ALP launch time and the completion of fundraising, all the funds raised will be divided into two parts.
First, the COE token will add a characteristic amount of 1% of its total liquidity as a one-way balance to the BABYAROF/COE trading pair.
In the second stage, half of the ALP capital buys BABYAROF tokens and with the help of the BABYAROF/COE pair, it buys COE tokens.
In the third step, it loads the purchased COE tokens into the COE/ALP pool.
1/2 of ALP capital is used to create ALP/ICP liquidity pool.

Platform development goals
A piece of the puzzle is missing in the COE development plan! Open source accounting platform on the blockchain platform. A platform where all users can check accounting transactions by reason. The COE project can make the use of the accounting platform a condition for representation.
COE is researching to develop this platform in the near future and simplify the use of the COE scheme.

We request the ICPCOIN team to list the COE data because the price chart in the plug wallet is an important and valuable topic. Thank you.