Suggestion: Should “SNS launch” discussions happen on these forums or elsewhere?

Should SNS discussions happen on these “developer forums”, or is a better place for them an ICP application, such as OpenChat, DSCVR, or Taggr?

  • These forums should stay the central place for dapp specific (i.e. Modclub, Catalyze, EMC) SNS launch discussions.
  • This is a developer forum. Force dapp/application specific SNS launch discussions to move to an ICP application (i.e. OpenChat, DSCVR, Taggr). Lock all posts in violation.
  • Strongly encourage the use of an ICP application such as OpenChat, DSCVR, or Taggr as a central forum for a dapp to promote their SNS launch. Do not censor these forums, but instead kindly redirect users to the SNS discussion location hosted on ICP.
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Why not just keep them here? SNS is very important and it should be pref in all channels. Not sure what gets the most visibility, maybe twitter?

I personally enjoy writing here vs elsewhere.


Here’s my reasoning for starting this topic. @diegop and @bjoernek, as communications/SNS leads I’m curious what how you/the foundation feel about some of these points.

Sometimes, “SNS launch” topic posts can be heated, attracting a lot of users and attention.

Pushing (gently or forcefully) promotional SNS discussions away from these forums could produce several positive developments.

  1. ICP applications can benefit from the additional user traffic.
  2. Decentralize SNS launch away from these forums, and DFINITY being relied onfor SNS launch discusssion, including being “blamed” for moderating too much or too little.
  3. These forums are web2, built directly on top of the Discourse service which is based in the United States. The acceptable use policy of the terms of service states that any content posted which breaks U.S. law (securities violations?) is grounds for termination, and any legal disputes would need to be held in a San Francisco, California courtroom.
  4. Refocus these forums to be more about ICP development and governance of the greater IC

I like your idea of hosting discussions about SNS launches on dapps that operate on the IC. It would be crucial to ensure that the entire community is informed and that voters can easily access relevant information, but this seems manageable.

Enhancing the proposal, it would be beneficial if the dapp could automatically extract and present data & analysis from the proposal to aid the review. For instance, it could show the actual token distribution based on the init file and the subsequent distribution of voting power.

I would also like to hear the opinions of @diegop @Lomesh-dfn1 on this topic.


This would be a great way to demonstrate an added value. I’d love to see a PoC of this. The light project from Mora might be a good starting point.

You forgot to mention that it was a steakhouse.

I’d like to bump this poll once again in the context of this SNS sale thread.

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@justmythoughts right now I couldn’t agree more with you on this. The X/Twitter wars are one thing; what grown adults choose to do with their precious time and energy in public forums unrelated to the Internet Computer project is up to them, I don’t care.

But these forums are specifically for technical discussion and cooperative support of those who are working on the platform or wanting to be informed and engaged about the platform and it’s future development.

SNS discussions are supposed to be focussed on explaining and challenging the technical and operational aspects of the teams and their projects. It is entirely possible for everyone to conduct their due diligence and probing questions in a direct but respectful manner, as per the forum rules clearly state.

Frankly I am sick to death of reading post after post in thread upon thread full of undisciplined, unprofessional conduct by people who say they are doing so for the greater good, but appear to me to be so involved in their own idealised picture of what the Internet Computer should be for them that they act like spoilt children when they don’t get exactly the response they want from other people who owe them nothing but a fair hearing.

Please, can we take the sh**-show discussions elsewhere and keep these forums for those who are able and willing to avoid the three A’s: accusations, anger and angst.


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I don’t think you have achieved anything more than illustrating exactly what I was talking about.

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Yes that is how it was decided. It is what it is, since the majority agreed with it nothing much left to do just let it play out .

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I think being on Twitter is very good and can get more traffic.

Technically, only 39% of voters want these forums to be the central place for SNS discussions to occur, while the remaining 61% want SNS discussions to occur elsewhere (either by force or soft encouragement).


My 2 cents are that these SNS discussions

  • are unrelated to developer technical questions
  • make me kinda sad

and since I don’t work on SNS features and have no plans to invest, all they’re doing for me is making it harder to discover and respond to technical questions


I just want to point out that just over a year ago, participants within this forum begged me to take long form discussion to the forums, as it’s the only place long form critical conversations can take place, without “damaging the reputation of the Internet Computer” or acting as “negative PR”.

I’ll happily take all of this back to twitter where we can talk about it publicly without being censored - but again, you asked me to come here in the first place.

(No, I’m not making a statement on behalf of everyone, but rather myself. Please don’t try to attach other peoples actions to me. Thanks.)


Dfinity is not equipped to moderate a political or really anything is substance forum. They have proven this time and time again this should be a developer only forum. nuanced discussion should be pushed to Twitter or dscvr