Upcoming Modclub SNS decentralization sale

Modclub is preparing to launch its SNS DAO and expects to begin the decentralization sale soon.

This forum serves as an opportunity for the IC community to discuss the Modclub SNS and ask questions.

Modclub’s mission is to support IC dApps by handling resource-intensive tasks like moderation, verification, data labeling, and more. Modclub provides the IC with fast, accurate, and scalable solutions by leveraging advanced technologies and a global community-driven workforce. Modclub is built fully on-chain, and the first SaaS model application on the IC!

Please refer to the proposal summary and Modclub whitepaper for more details.

The tokenomics paper and fully open-sourced code will be released later this week, and the updated links can be found in the proposal summary.

It is recommended to review these documents before asking questions, as they may already contain answers.


I’ve been a moderator on the platform for a while, although I am not very active, I’m looking forward to being able to earn MOD tokens instead of points.
I think Modclub will be a much needed project for dApps in the ecosystem. Good luck team.


The road to freedom of thought is ancient, and will likely never end - but we haven’t arrived at the Status Quo of today by accident - people have participated, learnt and shared their experiences for the betterment of all.

ModClub presents us all with the opportunity to understand the requirements for safeguarding basic human freedoms across decentralised products and services.

IMO, there is a huge and worrisome gap between the Right to Free Speech and the understanding this is a privilege that comes with Responsibilities.

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Hi, thank you all for your support! We have an update we just added our SNS configuration to the proposal summary.


Disclaimer: This post reflects my personal opinion as part of my role as CTO for FPDAO.

Flower Power DAO used Modclub for PoH to guard access to the Punks NFT sale. It was a very smooth experience integrating with Modclub thanks to the SDK they provided and there were almost 4k principals being whitelisted, having to solve numerous challenges to get rid of bots.
All of this was accomplished without any hiccups and showed that the vision of independent canisters interacting with each others services is a reality today already.
I personally think Modclub is a great example of a SaaS business built on the IC and look forward to their decentralisation!


All the best Mod club team


Thank you for the proposal. You mentioned that you will utilize the latest SNS canisters, and they will be public.

Can you please provide more information on the technical architecture of the canisters? Have you tested the canisters that you plan on using?


Hi @jennifertran

Thank you for the excellent question.

Our platform’s architecture is arranged into canisters, each with a distinct role, which contributes to the smooth operation of Modclub. Here’s a more detailed description:

  1. Vesting Canister: This canister manages the temporary holding of moderator tokens. These tokens empower moderators with voting rights and the ability to claim rewards.
  2. Reputation Canister: This canister is in charge of monitoring and managing both reputation points and seniority of moderators, keeping track of their status and contributions.
  3. Main Modclub Canister: As the backbone of our platform, it contains all the essential business logic of our platform. This includes task moderation, proof-of-humanity (POH), and more.
  4. Security Canister: The safety of the platform is paramount, and this canister handles all matters related to security and permissions.

The security-related checks within our platform are handled by message inspection across all canisters. Moreover, we employ a system message-bus (Publish-Subscribe model) which permits operations such as processing of heavy-duty tasks and real-time updates to occur asynchronously. This enhances the efficiency of our platform, especially under high-load conditions.

As for testing, we follow a layered approach with several different levels:

  1. Unit Testing: Each individual component of the software is tested to ensure it functions as expected in isolation. This includes methods, functions, or even individual canisters.
  2. Integration Testing: Once the units have been individually tested, we then examine how they work together. This layer focuses on the interaction between different parts of the software.
  3. E2E Testing: At this layer, we assess the system as a whole. This includes all the canisters and their interactions and verifies that the entirety of Modclub functions as designed.
  4. Acceptance Testing: The final layer of testing, ensures the software meets all requirements and is ready for deployment.

Currently, we perform testing related to SNS on our QA environment. You will be able to check everything in detail in our public repository which will be published soon.

Edit: Updated wallet canister description.
Edit2: Wallet canister is only used now for testing internally. It is not deployed as part of the SNS launch.


Thank you for the detail, I’m looking forward to reviewing the code on your public repo. Also, do you have any plans on conducting a security audit?

As part of our security strategy, we have already engaged with an external contractor to perform an in-depth security audit of our project. This includes a thorough analysis of the codebase, infrastructure, and all critical components that comprise our system.

Following the results from the audit, we’ve implemented a comprehensive security layer to enhance the protection of our platform. Our security architecture is designed to address both common threats as well as sophisticated, targeted attacks that could potentially affect the stability and integrity of our system. The aim here is to create a resilient and secure environment that can withstand adversarial attempts while providing a seamless and secure experience for our users.

In addition to these measures, we also believe in the power of the open-source community in helping maintain and improve the security of our project. Similar to Hot Or Not, we will also introduce a bug bounty program. This initiative will incentivize the community to uncover and report any overlooked security flaws, making it a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Rest assured, we are committed to continuous improvement and regular audits to ensure the highest level of security. We understand that security is not a one-time achievement, but rather an ongoing commitment to protect our users and their information.


Any info about tokenomics?

Hi @Heihachi

A link to the tokenomics can be found in the proposal summary at the bottom under Notes.


Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to announce that the source code for Modclub, is now available! Find it here.

This release embodies our commitment to openness, collaboration, and innovation.

Please note that a small part of the code, related to wallets, is undergoing final audit and will be made available within the next 3-4 days.


I can’t wait to see this go live. Modclub has been one of my favourite token ecosystems projects to watch. Raheel and his team have done a great job of synthesising all the lessons from incentivised community engagement projects of the past and applying them to a service-based business. It already has demonstrated whitelisting services provided to Flower Power DAO and a ton of other NFT projects. It’s among the most solid web 3 services with applicability to the Web 2 world out there.


The only one project so far 100% legit, clear as daylight with info to cover all interested from IC OG’s and newcomers to the space.
Marks the most points laid out by Dfinity in the SNS launch check list. Glad to see you here.
You got our votes.
God bless.


Modclub truly is something special if it gets a vote from the FUD-Gang.


We are delighted to announce that we have created the proposal to whitelist the Modclub Foundation principal ID in preparation for our SNS launch. This marks another exciting step towards decentralization. We thank you for your continued support!


Hello everyone,

Our proposal progress is looking positive. We wanted to share that we have updated our white paper with an architecture overview and dependencies. We have also provided the remaining source code in the public repo here


Thank you so much! Have you tested the SNS functionality? Any results from testing the source code?

Hi @jennifertran Yes we are actively testing Modclub using the SNS testflight. The following have been tested:

  • SNS configuration and deployment
  • Proposal creation to allow SNS to become the controller of all canisters
  • Canister upgrade proposal and execution
  • Function proposal creation and function proposal execution.

The forum posts and support from Dfinity have been very helpful in setting up and testing the SNS functionality. We will be sure to request support when we encounter issues.

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