About sns project launch board discussion

Today I saw on Twitter that the launch plan of the IC1101 project is in BNBCHAIN. The technical application is ICP. Our community should reflect on ourselves. After 2 years of development, more and more developers have left the ICP community. The reason for this has a lot to do with the SNS launchpad Relationship, I think almost everyone in the community knows this, why can’t we change the rules and keep the developers?

Or is it co-existing with another downgraded SNS launchpad? I don’t really understand the technology here, I just feel that there should be another launchpad for some developers to survive

See this thread.Unfortunately, projects that do not meet this requirement are not true companions, so we welcome you to go to the side chain

omg😭 good ser, my criteria is not set in place to gatekeep the ecosystem - I published it with the goal of making my personal criteria public, to avoid accusations of malicious intent going forward.

While they may lack complete context, I think OP raises some good questions. We should be encouraging development within our chain. While the SNS isn’t going to be the correct decentralization option for everyone, at the moment, there are many other alternatives for DAO frameworks within the ecosystem.

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I would argue criteria like this says, you haven’t reached the level of quality we would like to see in a project. Please, keep working, ask for a grant if funding is needed, and when you reach these milestones, apply again!

IMO, there has to be SOME standards when applying for funding from voters. If they don’t want to deal with voters and having their project under a microscope, ask for a grant, or VC funding.

I really get the feeling, and I may be wrong, that VC funding is drying up, grants are a bit harder to get in the bear market, so projects are just trying to get people to FOMO in by throwing tokens at them and saying “We’re launching an SNS!”

I don’t see anything wrong with voters saying “Here’s what I want to see if you want my vote.” Should save projects and voters a lot of time.


I completely agree.
We have an obligation to prevent funds from being pulled by low-quality Dev.