Staking problems within NNS app

So I was directed here by my Support Ticket not even sure if that’s good advice from support as I can’t see developers helping with this one…

Today I moved my ICP tokens successfully from coinbase to my NNS app after creating my identity.

I went to Neurons > Stake Neuron > Typed my amount (2.5). After about 20 mins of the timer rolling around it crashed out.

I checked my ICP main account and I can see a transaction with my staked tokens sent to the staking address. But if I return to Neurons tab, it only gives me the options to “Stake Neurons” again! No Neuron ID or locked timer options, nothing.

Would anyone have some ideas on whats gone wrong here?


I’m sorry that you’re facing this issue, and it’s a high priority for us. The Zurich team was able to reproduce the issue and has proposed a fix for it. I’ll work internally to make sure that your situation is elevated to the right people


What is the address you sent from and roughly at what time did you try to stake the neuron?
You can recover this within 24 hours of the failed stake.


I’m having the same issue

Update: official response for the team

A few users have reported issues when trying to stake neurons. We have identified the problem and we are working on a mitigation. No action is required on your end and will be resolved as soon as possible.

My original comment (below) is no longer applicable.

If you have this issue, DM me with your main address for the wallet (on the homescreen, not the “principal”). Your neurons aren’t lost yet, and like DMD said, we have a stopgap until we get the bug fixed in production



Pmed you on Reddit thank for helping

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Hello there.
I got the same problem as Jello… I will take the liberty of sending you the data of the transaction.
Please help.

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I pmed you too thank you

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I’m not sure if this is related, if I use Safari on iPhone, my page just refreshes of refreshes refreshes and refreshes. If I open it up in incognito mode, it works fine but I have to sign in again.

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I also sent a PM. Did that help in your case @Jello?

From Discord chat;

IMPORTANT: No funds are lost as all transactions are immutably recorded in the ledger!

We understand the problem and we are working on a mitigation. All users who have attempted to stake neurons will either have the transaction reimbursed or their neuron staked.

No further action is required on your part. We are actively working on a resolution to this issue.


That could be another issue… I outlined here Problems with iPhone loading - #2 by Random_name

Make sure you are on the latest IOS version. Also close all apps and reboot phone,I didn’t clear browser cache but they may work.

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After staking I got a similar grey background (where the dials should probably be)
Is this related to this issue or could it be something else?

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You can track the issue here: and subscribe for updates.

Update: My grey screen issue seems to be resolved. The Neuron screen is now working and I can see my staked ICP dissolving as expected.

I’m having this same issue. I staked ICP last night and had full functionality of the NNS app, but this morning the Neurons page is greyed out exactly like this photo. The rest of the app works. This problem occurs on my iPhone and iPad. I have closed all apps on my iPhone and rebooted, but those activities did not resolve the issue. I’ll be eagerly following to learn when the problem is known to the development team and when a solution will be implemented. At the moment I am confident this is just a glitch in the app and my neurons are safe and voting, but not being able to see this page or find help is starting to make me nervous. I’m super excited about IC and Dfinity. Thanks for posting this photo/issue.

How did you start a Support Ticket? I would like to do the same for an NNS app issue. I haven’t been able to find where to go for support yet. Thanks!

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Have anybody heared any news on this issue? No update for days on despite them writing that they have identified the issue and just need to coordinate resources internally. Community being downprioritized?

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Nothing new… still waiting either for the ICP or neurons to appear

Yes, I would like to hear an explanation of how staking problems are solved.