Gray Screen on Neuron Page in NNS App

Update: This issue seems to be resolved. I can see the Neuron page again and my ICP are in dissolved mode. I didn’t get any direct response from support, but they did give automated feedback and pointed me to a thread on the issue.

For anyone looking for where to find Dfinity support, here is a link. There were a few kind people I reached out to during my search for help who were graciously enough to direct me to this support page. Submit a request – DFINITY

Also, I learned that this is a link to the status of the Internet Computer where you can read about known issues that you might be experiencing. I hope this info helps.

Overall I’m very impressed with the IC community and I’m really looking forward to seeing continuous development and growth in the future.

Original: Last night I staked my ICP in the NNS app for 8 years, set up vote following, and started the dissolve. Everything in the app was working fine and I could see my staked ICP on the Neurons page. This morning the Neurons page was greyed out as shown in the attached photo. This issue occurs on my iPhone and my iPad. Closing all open apps and rebooting did not resolve the issue. I would appreciate if someone on the app developer team could acknowledge if this issue is known and an approximate timeline when it will be resolved.

I’m very excited about IC and Dfinity and what the future holds, but right now I’m getting nervous because I can’t see my ICP or my neuron activity. I’m sure this is just a glitch in the app and my ICP are safe, voting, and hopefully growing. Thanks for your help!

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