NNS dapp "Accounts" and "Neurons" tabs live

As you may know we are rewriting iteratively the NNS dapp frontend (related post for more details).

Earlier this year, the sign-in screen was the first to be converted and later on - mid April - all proposals’ features were migrated as well (related post).

Today mark another important milestone in the project as the new version of the NNS dapp that has been proposed on mainnet introduces both all accounts’ and neurons’ features rewritten in Svelte!

Let me know if you have questions or observations and looking forward to your feedback.

One remaining tab to go, “Canisters” we* are coming at you!

*cc my frontend devs colleague @lmuntaner and @mstrasinskis

As already communicated, there are no UI/UX changes at this stage, “it still look the same”. However we tried to improve minor things. e.g. displaying a message on screen when you need to interact on your hardware device or improving errors handling. We hope this can be helpful too.


I do have one observation that stands out above all others…it’s a lot faster. Well done Dfinity team! This is already a much better user experience. Keep up the good work.


Just tried merging some maturity and voted on a couple proposals, it’s already night and day difference. One thing that’d make it even better is if the UI wouldn’t wait for confirmation after a vote, it takes a couple seconds for the update to achieve consensus and notify the client, if you have to vote on many proposals it gets annoying.


I’ve experienced problems voting on iPad and iPhone today with the vote screen not following through and registering the vote.

This is great, thanks!

Only thing, could be the ‘Age Bonus’ neurons attribute again displayed with three decimal places? :pray:

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The new pages are a joy to use now.
One thing on Iphone 13 clicking start dissolve button doesn’t work and only shows a grey screen, it works on the desktop however.

Looks like the voting modal also doesn’t work.

Yeah sorry that’s on me (safari :weary:), we are on it to fix it asap.


Thanks for the feedback, the “night and day difference” makes me really happy :smiley:.

About voting, I am totally agree with you! It currently happens that way because after voting we have to reload information such as the neurons to be sure everything is in sync. I don’t have a plan yet but it’s definitely somewhere in my mind to take some times to check if we cannot improve the user experience there.

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We fixed the issue and the related proposal has been accepted, therefore the issue should be fixed on mainnet too. Let me know if it works for your @coin_master and @DaveH501

Long story short, earlier today I noticed an issue with the proposals filter “Topics” modal on iOS which I fixed in PR #931. As you can see in the screenshots provided in the issue, it was indeed fixing it. However later on, as we all noticed, it effectively did not work in Safari. So lesson learned, when it comes to modal, real Safari !== simulated iOS/Safari in Chrome debugger.

Ultimately the issue was fixed in PR #939.

While re-writting the nns-dapp frontend we have so far wrote 1000+ jest tests but we began recently to write e2e tests. In the future, these kind of tests + screenshot comparisons will prevent these kind of misfortune to happen again.


Thanks for the feedback. I discussed with my colleague and we are actually both not sure what you exactly mean with “Age Bonus neurons attribute”. Can you send me a screenshot for more details?

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Sure, what I mean is the last part of Voting Power calculation (under staked Neuron) - ICP Stake x Dissolve Delay Bonus x Age Bonus:


  • This used to be displayed with three decimal places and increased approx once per week.
  • On screenshot below is visible current Dissolve Delay Bonus and Age Bonus:

I mean, this is nothing too important, it’s just nice to have better overview of the Age Bonus when increasing stake or thinking why some Neuron gets a bit more/less Maturity than others - as bonuses like 1.020 and 1.029 already make some difference.


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Thanks all works fine now

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Ah gotcha, thanks for the feedback. So indeed we modified it to two decimals because we thought it is more readable, particularly in such a small tool-tip. Worth to notice that the number is rounded so your example 1.029 should - my understanding - be displayed as 1.03.

If it’s ok for you, we would be happy to keep this displayed information rounded to two decimals. Sure if over the time you and other really notice it’s a bummer, then we redo it but maybe we can give it a small try. Works for you?

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Ah super!!! Thanks for the feedback

Sure, no problem, thanks for the response!

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Cool :love_you_gesture: Thanks a lot for the feedback

@peterparker can definitely be renamed Spiderman. Wonderful work. thanks :pray:


Haha thanks Roman! We also have to find cool names for my colleagues @lmuntaner, @mstrasinskis and all other members of the team who work really hard on this project to achieve the rewrite.


Of course, congrats and thanks to all of you ! :pray:

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Many thanks for that, voting now working perfectly on Safari for me. :+1:

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