8 year locked neuron missing from neurons tab

Neuron is just simply missing. Is this normal?

Account: Account 9ad23068033d8d07f3020a6773d8994f23b14a33ea0a3d04649369ed1cb883e4 | ic.rocks


Hi there,

I want to ask some clarifying questions so either me or someone else can be helpful:

A. To be clear, you refer to the tab in the NNS frontend dapp, right?

B. Did it ever appear or never appear?

When you login to NNS account, there is ICP, Neurons, Voting and Canisters. That would be the NNS frontend dapp if not mistaken.

It showed the day I created it, and you can tell from transactions I’ve merged maturity at some point.

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Sounds like you did the following (to make sure I follow):

  1. Created the neuron via https://nns.ic0.app/ on December 8 (that’s the date it says it was created on Ic.rocks)
  2. Interacted with neuron (merged maturity, etc…)
  3. Neuron disappeared from NNS dapp neurons tab.

Ok, I will ping NNS frontend dapp team to make sure there is no bug or see what they find.

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Yes sir that would be correct. Thank you boss :pray:

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Just pinged them. Let’s see what they say.

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Thank you diegop! :pray::pray:

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Hey @cuddlesquid, do you have other neurons that are loading correctly on the neurons page, or is the neurons page not showing any neurons for you? Also, can you share what you see in your console log?

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A few people have raised issues with neurons missing and have later realised they were using a different Internet Identity anchor to the one they used when they created the neuron.

So its definitely worth double checking the II anchor you are using.

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I do not have any other neurons. I initially did setup a neuron with 1 ICP but did not lock it up. I have removed ICP from that neuron and created a new one, which is the one thats missing now.

Is principal ID safe to share? I can post a screen shot of my Neuron tab.
Also not sure console log is located.

I only have one Anchor created that I have been logging into for months.

Also my wallet as you can tell from Ic.rocks clearly shows that Anchor deposited 53 ICP to Neuron, and Im logging into this anchor identity 100%

@cuddlesquid What browser are you using? Can you try another browser?

If you’re using same variation of Chome, can you open developer tools, click on the Console tab, and share what you see? It should look something like this:

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I have tried Google Chrome, Brave and Microsoft Edge, all three duplicate same issue of not being able to see neuron in front-end. Thanks for all your help.

One more piece of info that could possibly help.
I sent a little bit of ICP to the neuron, however still missing from front-end tab.

@diegop Neuron still missing. Voting power removed. Can I get an update please?

Good question. Thank you for following up.

@hpeebles @ielashi is there any other info that @cuddlesquid could give you in your investigation?

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I honestly don’t see the problem. @cuddlesquid are you sure 100% sure this neuron is controlled by this account? Do you see a “stake neuron” transaction in your “main” account?

Yes I am 100% sure.
I just logged in to the very account that created the Neuron.

@ielashi 8 year nns neuron disappeared all of a sudden - YouTube

Yes I see “stake neuron” transaction in my “main” account.