Neuron hardly maturing

Hello, noob in tha house.

I am staking my ICP since the beginning, since the app launched. I have staked different amounts for different time periods. Like 8 ICP for 8 years, 10 ICP for 6 years, 12 ICP for 4 years, 30 ICP for 3 years, 21 ICP for 2 years and couple of 20 ICP for 1 year (I didn’t know how I could add ICP’s to the stakes, so I ignorently made new stakes).

In all these stakes I am following all topics. However all the maturity %'s are after all this time still below 10%. The highest, 8 ICP for 8 years, is only 6%, the rest is all below 5% or even below 3%.

With this progress I will get not even 1 ICP for the shorter term stakes!

Is this normal or what is going on here?

Your (maturity%) x (# of ICPs staked) has to reach above 1 in order for you to spawn a new neuron. So you can do the rough calculation. For your 8-years, you have 4% more to go.

In general, the more you spread your ICP in multiple neurons, the slower you get your spawned rewards. For me I just put all my ICPs in one neuron and compound my rewards back to it to maximize the speed.

You said- “I didn’t know how I could add ICP’s to the stakes, so I ignorently made new stakes”. There is an official guide here Guide: How to top-up an existing neuron. But what I did is just sending my tokens to my staked neuron address. You can find your neuron address by searching your wallet account on and you look for the transactions under your account and you should be able to find your neuron account.

Thank you for your very useful answer. I thought maturity had to reach 100% in order to get 1 ICP out of your stake. :roll_eyes:

I wish I had known this math before I started staking. Will I lose ICP when I unlock (for the purpose of making one big stake pool)?

By unlocking, do you mean unlock your current staked neuron or your upcoming spawned neuron? But in either case, you will not lose any ICP by unlocking. But I guess I don’t quite understand your question…

Yes, my question was if I would lose ICP when I would unlock my staked ICP before the dissolve delay is finished. Because if that is not the case, then why would there be a time frame added to the stake?

ok I think these articles will be helpful to you

In short, the longer the dissolve delay, the more rewards your will get. Essentially, it is a mechanism to ensure you vote for the good of the IC. If you try to collude with other stakers (voters) for corrupt the network, the value of tokens will drop and you need to wait for x months (depending on your dissolve delay. And the longer it is, the more voting power you get) before you can get your token. It makes sure that you can’t do bad things and disappear immediately risk free. So you are penalized in that case although you don’t lose any tokens.

Also, the longer you lock before you click unlock, the more age bonus you get, so more rewards. That is another layer of the mechanism above.

I very much appreciate your answers. Thanks a lot!

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