Seed Round Access

Best to contact support then.

An update on the Ledger Nano integration. The support for seed round access will come in two phases.

Phase 1 (the initial release): The initial release is targeted at all consumers. It allows to manage neurons such as changing dissolve delay, dissolving, disbursing, managing hotkeys, voting, etc. Of course, it also allows to transfer ICP in the ledger.

Phase 2 (the next release after): This next release includes the claim_neurons function for seed round neurons. It is an upgrade specifically for seed round folks.

For the audience in this thread this means: If you already claimed your neurons then, right away with the initial release, you can fully control and manage your neurons directly from the Ledger Nano. You can do so either with the in-browser NNS dapp or with a command-line tool called ic-hardware-wallet-cli. The Ledger Nano can connect to both.

If you have not claimed your neurons yet then you can do a one-time step on a (hopefully air-gapped) computer in order to claim and then do all the rest from Ledger Nano. New instructions for the claiming step will be posted (they are easier now with quill than they were with dfx). If you don’t want to do these steps then you have to wait for the next release after the initial release.

Coding for the next release in under way. This is a relatively simple function to add and the release is expected to come out in weeks (not months).


This is excellent news

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When will the App for ledger be released?