Has there been a discussion or explanation yet about why former employees and the foundation had no locks on their tokens at launch?

This decision makes zero sense* to me. Dfinity had tons of funding to cover the any lawyer fees involved in drawing up contracts. Dfinity forced the seed round buyers into token locks even though there was nothing of the sort in the original contract. Every other investor, big or small, as well as current employees were locked into some form of vesting. Why not previous employees or the foundation? i cannot think of any sound reason for this but there are definitely nefarious uses for it as this loop hole could be easily exploited by team members or large investors with enough influence to subvert their vesting contracts.

Is it not possible that Dfinity could have potentially created fake employees or cooperative real ones who got fired/quit with large allotments just to aid in getting around the vesting barriers discretely?

Also, why wont dfinity provide the address of the foundations tokens (also for leadership figures) for transparency and proof ? Ethereum does. Vitalik does. This should be standard practice.


What is done is done at this point. These what if scenario will only lead to more conspiracy theories. Revealing private wallets has a disadvantage as well. Imagine everytime Dom moves a token there will be huge swing in ICP price.