Some questions about building a data center

We are miners and have some self-built IDC computer rooms and machines. We want to participate in this project. Can you help answer some questions:

  1. In addition to running neurons, are there other ways, such as mining, to earn ICP?
  2. Can you roughly talk about the requirements of the memory server?
  3. What method will be used for application storage? Will there be any incentives to be a storage service provider in the network?

Hi gingko,
There will be full documentation for datacenters coming quite soon, it’s part of the lead up to genesis so all this info will be public then for you.


Thank you very much, can you tell me about the time?

I also would like to receive this information just as soon as is possible. :slight_smile:

I would go here:

Create an account, then click “Submit a request”, and for the Category select “Node Provider → Prospective Node Providers → Information Request”, and fill out the rest of the form.

I don’t know if this website is “official” yet, but it’s working well, so why wait for full documentation for someone who wants to get the ball rolling now?

As an aside, I’m sure a lot of us signed up ages ago to get notified about being a node provider. That notification never came. I suppose it still could, but DFINITY is obviously not making an effort to get the community into the data center game. Understandable, since there is a high barrier to entry, but still kind if disappointing, since the perception of decentralization in the crypto community would be much higher if average Joes were running nodes in data centers around the world. From what Dom has said, there’s actually a pretty good level of decentralization with the existing node providers that have signed up, but it’s not currently perceived that way on Twitter, Reddit, etc.


Hi Dylan, I understand that Dfinity will require a " high barrier to entry" and I have filled out the request form for prospective node provider’s. I only hope that Dfinity will give myself and other “ordinary Joe’s” a shot at stepping up to meet the requirements. If Dfinity would make it clear as to what the requirements are it would be much appreciated. I think that the capabilities of the ordinary Joe should not be underestimated. Everyone should get an equal opportunity don’t you think?

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Yeah, I agree. Maybe they’ll open things up for more small-scale node providers after the network launches.

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When you say small, what does that mean?.. I’m thinking of investing £100,000 into node equipment as I know I can get them placed into data centers in my region. I’m not a tech expert in any sense,… more businessman. I bought ICP (IOU) recently and have a great respect for Dom and his team. what they have achieved is nothing short of a miracle.


I also have a small group of people who have also bought ICP who would also be interested in investing in running nodes.

I just meant smaller than the 60+ node operators that DFINITY has onboarded so far. I don’t really know what they would consider small-scale.

I’ll post some Twitter links that may provide more info related to this thread.

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very helpful… Thanks

Same questuoin for me,really a little confusion

For those interested, poking around here will give you some info (some updated as recently as yesterday), while we wait for more details.

Thanks Dylan, I’ll take a look.

Just had a look at the link you sent me, but it still says, come back soon for more details.

Yeah, I didn’t mean that it gives you enough info to understand the whole node provider process, just that you can start to put together an understanding of how things will work if you read every answer in the Node Provider section. I want to know everything I can about this, so I find that info interesting, but it’s very incomplete.

For prospective node providers, I’d encourage you to contact DFINITY using the instructions I provided above. While they aren’t publicizing this, it does seem like they are receptive to inquiries.

My guess is that at this point, it’s much easier to become a node provider by renting space in a data center that’s already approved, and harder to if you want to get approval for your own data center, but I’m just guessing.