Please submit more Named Neuron requests

We have a community treasury at ICDevs and I think we could risk some of it on helping vetted folks or organizations get listed.

When I submitted the latest proposal it voted the ICDevs neuron and it cast 34 Million votes. That is not cool. One org shouldn’t have that much influence. We voided the vote and resubmitted without voting(we’ll see how that plays out). If you are a well know org or person in the community and you need someone to put up 10 ICP for your neuron to get named, DM me. I need to get the Dev Board to approve this, but provided they do, I think it is an ok use of community funds.


How does the named neuron work? Is it just any of my neurons?

Yes. You pick the one you want to vote with and submit a request: New feature: Known Neurons

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Disclaimer: i am a part of however i commend @skilesare on his dedication as seen on the forum.

It is very seductive to hold that much power. However i see that @skilesare is wielding that power with great responsibility and care. Also he is pretty prodigious on the forum.

I wonder if this should be the standard for named neurons ; in context of time, effort and interest.


we should do monthly proposal where we request multiple named neurons. There should be hundreds of them and anyone should sign up.

Update on this. Been a crazy week for me with a couple launches of new tech on the IC. I’d encourage everyone to take a look at what @LightningLad91 and @weedpatch2 are doing I think the thresh hold will be to find at least three verifiable members to start a voting group, take a position, and document it and we will likely find you.

After a series of 18 hour work days I’m going to try to focus on the family this weekend, but will take this back up on Monday.


@weedpatch2 and I were just discussing this. We realized that two members is difficult because one member has the unilateral authority to reject any proposal. We will be looking for a 3rd member soon.


hey…relax it’s the weekend…take it easy…what ever fuck up ( or maybe not) you think you made is already done. Just take your Girlfriend or Boyfriend out for a drink, get a massage or something. stop watching CMC. you are not going to influence anybody in this forum. Smart people hang around here.

Hi, I would like to create a known neuron. Is there a tutorial or more collected informations around this ?

@wpb sent me a command at one point. I’ll poke around and try to find it when I get to my computer.

Edit: here is what I used. You need a neuron with 10ICP in it locked for more than 6 months Create a named neuron · GitHub

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