An update to ICDevs Named Neuron Voting

We’ve updated the way that votes with our named neuron in an attempt to increase the dependability and optionality of those that follow the Named Neuron.

We have deployed a canister to that runs the code at GitHub - icdevs/eventually_reject: A simple motoko actor that will eventually reject all non-exchange rate proposals before the voting window closes..

This canister is added as a hotkey on our neuron. It checks every 8 hours if there are any proposals within 12 hours of closing and rejects them.

We hope this canister will help others create named neurons with confidence.

In addition, it will let us ‘pocket veto’ items we need to reject for regulatory reasons so that followers can have as close to the maximum amount of time to vote on their own as possible.

If someone wants to modify it for monitoring SNS votes as well it should be a simple change and we’d be happy to take pull requests.

This should increase everyone’s confidence in following ICDevs since all items should be voted and you should receive full reward. We will proactively vote to approve on items that we want to approve without waiting for the full-time period to elapse, but will still try to give plenty of time to vote independently where possible.

This canister has not been audited at this point and we’d love some peer review. It seems to have worked for at least one vote and I’ll monitor it for the next couple of weeks. When I feel comfortable I’ll blackhole the canister. I’m currently the admin on it, but with time I can blackhole the admin as well.

The only current issue we have outstanding is cycle management, but I’m hoping we can set up something like to keep it topped up.