Quick Update on the ICDev Neuron

Just a quick update for people following ICDevs.org. We have removed ICPMNs and cycle_dao as follow neurons to give us more time/autonomy to vote. We will be adding neurons from our dev board members and/or from a forked axon neuron in the near future to more easily follow the will of the ICDevs dev board. This will work in a similar way to the ICPMNs neuron. We’ll document who the voters are on our neuron page. https://icdevs.org/nns.html

In the meantime, we will vote manually and try to give a significant cushion on each non-spam vote so that followers have a good chance to vote on their own before we vote.

If you’d like to become a board member check out ICDevs.org for how to be considered. The proposition is much cheaper at the moment than the last time you may have considered it.


This is great news! Thank you for offering an independent voice in our governance system. This is important. I hope cycledao will follow your lead.

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