How to disburse neuron created by mistake?

So here’s what happened,

I was experimenting with NNS.

Chose 1 ICP to stake.

Didn’t specify any dissolve delay instead tried to back out of the staking process by clicking x on the upper right (or pressing back on the browser I don’t exactly remember)

Didn’t work.

An unlocked neuron with no dissolve delay was created.

I somehow managed to withdraw 0.9999 ICP without disbursing the neuron.

Now the neuron just sits there with 0 ICP balance.

And I can’t disburse it cause it asks for 0.0001 ICP to be billied to source.

The neuron was created before May 19th.

Should I create a support ticket?

Or transfer the fee, create a ticket to manually top off the neuron and then disburse?

I never wanted to create a neuron in the first place and it is a bummer the system doesn’t let you back out halfway.

Please advise.

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