Unstake lock neuron

Can someone help me with how they managed to unstake a lock neuron?
maybe this is a bug or something i misunderstand
take with look at VPgeek

thank you !


I do not quite understand what you mean . What error?

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Hi @romulusp ,
could you elaborate on what makes you mean by “unstake a lock neuron”?
Do you mean disbursing stake from a neuron that is not dissovled?
Maybe you could also explain why you think someone was able to do this for more context?
Do you mean because the neuron that you point to has a non-zero dissolve delay but no stake? Note that one can only disburse a neuron when it is dissolved (= has zero dissolve delay), but after taking out the stake one can increase the dissolve delay of the neuron (even though it has no stake). In such a case, you would also end up with a 0-stake neuron that has some dissolve delay, but you could never take out stake while the neuron was not disbursed. Does this maybe answer your question?

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Maybe this is a common case of overthinking or my own limitation, what it draw my attention was the timeline

at 9:51 switch from Dissolving to Not Dissolving (change from a state that is dissolving to a lock state)
at 10:02 increase stake from 70.750 to 141.838 (irrelevant)
at 10:07 increase stake from 141.838 to 351.672 (irrelevant)
at 10.10 decrease its stake from 351.672 to 0 ( decrease from a lock neuron see 9:51)

Thank you !

I’m sure there is something that i misunderstand, but i don’t get it where im wrong

I’m already explaining to you what could have happened to the stake of this neuron, which is in an “not dissolving” state. The only possibility is that this ICP whale used the merge_neurons method, which transferred all stakes and maturities from all the neurons it had to the selected one.

More details can be found in this article:


Oh! I totally forgot about merging neurons. Big thanks!