Minted ICP from maturity Account lost?

I disbursed an unlocked neuron after the 7 days to my main account but by mistake I sent these ICP back to the account it came from (the unlocked neurons account before disbursing) and now cant access to these ICPs. Is it possible to have them back or are they lost for ever?

Is this a duplicate of this?

Yes it is the same case

no specific answer yet, do you know if it is possible to recover this ICPs?

@JMVR Do you know the ID of the neuron that you sent the funds to?

If not, since the neuron is not actually deleted (but just hidden in the front-end) you can list all your neurons, and then call claim_or_refresh on each one and if that neuron’s account was funded by your transaction, it should re-appear on the dashboard.

Were these neurons created with your Internet Identity via the NNS dapp? Or via a private key?

If the neuron controller is a private key, you can make a dfx command (or I believe a command with quill) that looks something like this:

dfx canister --network ic call rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai list_neurons \
    "( record { include_neurons_readable_by_caller = true } )"

Then, you could refresh every neuron if you don’t know which one corresponds to the funds, via ManageNeuron requests to the Governance canister.

If the neurons are created via the NNS Dapp, I’ll need to ask someone from that team how you should proceed. Let me know!

A bit off track but If we want more people to be able to stake their ICP, we really need to build a better staking/rewards calculator…current one is extremely confusing for newbies… who to contact with some ideas?

Do you know the ID of the neuron that you sent the funds to?

No, just the Neuron’s acount (558d07dc9b7ee73b8442216ef17c3883a382c4c7b9b285983d4fc7e7e13a7b6d)

The the neuron disappeared when disbursed to the main account.

Were these neurons created with your Internet Identity via the NNS dapp? Or via a private key?

Under this Internet Identity I have Two neurons staked to 8 years one with a private key and the other with NNS dapp. I think this maturity came from the one from the NNS dapp.

Can I do something to recover the ICPs ? :sweat_smile:

@JMVR I believe there’s a way to find the neuron’s ID. I’ll ask someone from the FE team to follow up here and tell you how.

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I might have a trick to get the neuron id. It’s usually easier, but I found a small bug on the flow and you’ll need to do a weird thing first.

  1. Go to accounts page
  2. Click to “Add Account”
  3. Close it. (This was the weird part because of a bug)
  4. Go to neurons page.
  5. Visit a neuron details page.
  6. Click 6 times in the header “Neuron”.
  7. Enter “fo” in the prompt.
  8. A JSON will be downloaded, where the neuron with 0 stake should be visible.

You will find all your neurons under the “neurons” key in the JSON file. You want to look for the one that has “cachedNeuronStake” as 0. Then, the “id” or “neuronId” is the neuron id.

I can’t attach a video, but I uploaded it here. I hope it helps understand the flow.

Let me know if you run into any issues.

Good luck!

I did what you said, and I found a lot of neurons in the list with “cachedNeuronStake” as 0. But I looked for the one that was associated with the known “accountIdentifier”: “558d07dc9b7ee73b8442216ef17c3883a382c4c7b9b285983d4fc7e7e13a7b6d”

this is the neuron associated

“neuronId”: “6893083856584162295”,

I looked for the neuron on the dashboard and it shows cero balance, but the account associated have the 6.79913384 ICP balance.

What can I do now ?

Try again now, you should see stake in your neuron that you will be able to disburse.

I’ve called manage_neuron on the governance canister with parameter (record{id = opt record{id = 6893083856584162295 : nat64}; command = opt variant{ClaimOrRefresh = record{by = opt variant{NeuronIdOrSubaccount = record{}}}}}), which tells the governance canister to update the neuron stake from the associated ledger account. (Anyone can call that function.)


Which one are you referring to?

You are a genius ! :sunglasses: it worked perfect! thank you very much! thanks to all the Team as well for been so effective !