COE project in 2024

Hello and best regards to the great ICP community. In this article, we will read a complete report on the status of the COE project and we will talk about the roadmap for the next year.

  • The COE project will develop its ecosystem with the help of BABYAROF
  • The COE project will create the first traditional business with the help of BABYAROF
  • The COE project with the help of ALP will carry out the first phase of fundraising
  • In 2024, the COE project will carry out three stages of fundraising.
  • ALP and BABYAROF project with the support of COE will start the first episode of surreal animations.

COE financial status and activity report
The COE project started its activity on 05/01/2023 with the aim of creating a community-oriented economic stream. COE believes that by connecting traditional businesses and directing cash flow from the traditional market to a decentralized token, a community-oriented economy flow can be grown.

But the implementation of such an idea is definitely not as easy as expressing the idea and requires a suitable platform and setting fair frameworks.
In the first stage, COE created a collection with a maximum of 10,000 ap-coe coins with the aim of distributing the initial shares in a community-oriented manner and growing the community. These NFTs will be distributed to the community at promotional and educational events.
To date, more than 7 thousand NFTs have been distributed from this collection. The ap-coe collection has more than 4,000 holders and the conditions show that the distribution has been done fairly up to this point.

Each NFT from the ap-coe collection is worth 42 COE tokens. After creating liquidity, tokens will be distributed directly between COE/ICP and holders.
The trading pool of COE/ICP is done after 4 steps of capital attraction. The first three stages of fundraising are included in the sp-coe category.

The purpose of sp-coe is advertising and this plan is carried out in such a way that a new project is born at each stage and investors can receive all their funds in the form of new tokens. The first stage of fundraising is called ALP collection.

ALP is the beginning of a science fiction story.

COE and BABYAROF cooperation
As you know, COE and BABYAROF are opening their first traditional business in a big collaboration.
In this way, this collaboration led to the creation of the first COE token liquidity pool with the help of the BABYAROF/COE trading pair.

In this section, you can see the status of ap-coe NFT collection.
Financial turnover, number of transactions, number of sellers, number of investors on ap-coe NFTs

In the picture above, we can see the status of ap-coe holders. More than 67% of ap-coe holders hold a single NFT.

In the picture above, we can see the status of COE token transactions

In the picture above, we see the status of CORE token holders

In the picture above, you can see the value of the COE token compared to the BABYAROF token, as well as the status of the cash pool, which contains several million BABYAROF tokens.

Distribution status of ap-coe NFTs

So far, more than 8 thousand NFTs from the ap-coe collection have been distributed in promotional and educational events.
The ap-coe collection currently has more than 4300 holders and the distribution is as fair as possible.
ap-coe NFTs has recorded 995 transactions to date. 271 people earned and 63 people invested.

More than 68% of holders hold only one NFT.
This issue can indicate the fair distribution of this NFT collection.

The first phase of fundraising with the help of ALP NFTs

As stated in the COE roadmap, after the distribution of ap-coe NFTs, we need to do the first steps of fundraising with the aim of mass advertising.
The important issue is how to attract funds with the purpose of advertising? Should we withdraw capital from the ecosystem? Is there a guarantee that the return of advertising can guarantee the profit of the investors?

In response to all the above questions:
An idea was proposed by AROF that with the help of this idea, advertising will be done in the best way without risking investors or withdrawing capital from the ecosystem.

The sp-coe section consists of three NFT collections. In the first stage, the ALP collection will begin to attract funds in the form of an independent project. ALP is committed to spend half of the raised capital to purchase COE tokens in order to create a large trading pool with COE.

In this idea, investors and sponsors do not bear any risk and can have guaranteed profit. In the following, we suggest that you read the ALP white paper for more information about ALP’s performance.
A new style of valuation of digital works.

Start making ALP animations

The ALP project is the beginning of a science fiction story written by AROF. This story can affect people’s beliefs about the future of artificial intelligence and the past of man.
In this direction, ALP has started making simple animations in a surreal style.
A mysterious story follows in these animations. ALP science fiction will be depicted.
Also, ALP will introduce the widely used ICP tools in the field of web3 with the help of exciting animations.

The ICP family is invited to visit the ALP white paper and support the COE and ALP project if they wish.
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