Guide: How to top-up an existing neuron

Hi @hpeebles,

When auto refresh for older neurons?

Can we expect it before next coinlist unlock ( july 10th)?

I’ve been working on the create canister functionality this week. But refreshing older neurons will be one of my next tasks so it will hopefully be live next week.

Thank you…:tulip:

Waiting for good news…

Could i get a neuron refreshed it didn’t seem to do it automatically.
principal id is : rhnl4-6v3wg-x3tnx-xgbja-l6rnu-7466q-6mlw3-hjher-qlyvk-udpmd-nae
memo is : 18398230957993051308
neuron address is : 67c52af8ea4982776f7998f3fb381a306e19e236ae568aac73fd605155142dd5

I hope a fix for this comes soon. Seems to be a pretty big waste of time for you, and I am sorry for that. Even a button to click in the ui that automatically does the refresh would be optimal imo.

FWIW I topped up a neuron using OP’s instructions and it worked just fine. It updated the neuron balance within 15 seconds.

That’s done!

Also… I’ve done the code change to fix topping up neurons created before May 19th and that change will go live tomorrow so that should be the end of me having to handle these manually :ok_hand:

We’ll soon have a nice way to do this via the UI too.


Everything looks good. Thank you for your hard work sir. Look forward to the update and future.

Once this proposal is adopted, the NNS Dapp will resync all of the transactions made before May 19th in order to collect their memo values which are needed to detect the ‘Stake Neuron’ transactions. Once this re-sync is completed all neurons will auto refresh their balances so you’ll no longer need to message me haha!

Go and vote to adopt it! :partying_face:


Well done man. You’re the real MVP! :facepunch:


While we’re at this please, the START UNLOCK button in the neuron app does not have a confirmation prompt.
If you accidentally hit it, it resets your maturity to zero. It actually happened to me while accessing it on the phone, with its small screen.
Please note it as an area of improvement.

Clicking the start unlock button definitely shouldn’t set your maturity to zero.
I’ve just had a look at the code and that doesn’t seem to be possible.
Maybe a request failed which caused the UI to show 0 temporarily.
Can you check again now to see if it is still 0?

You can see the code here - ic/ at master · dfinity/ic · GitHub

All it does is change the dissolve state. It definitely shouldn’t have any effect on maturity!

Ok maybe that was indeed a UI issue, but it initiated my unlock even though I didn’t intend to. Then I effectively cancelled the unlock and my maturity started counting up from zero again.

It happened a few weeks ago so I can’t remember everything with certainty but it certainly initiated an unlock without confirmation. I wish I could demo it but i wouldn’t want to.

This worked perfectly, and was so easy! Thank you.


The neuron’s ‘age’ would have been set to zero when you started to dissolve (unlock). This will begin counting up again if you stop dissolving.

What will be the change in NNS app once the proposal is adopted and the code is executed?. How the users could identify it?

Thanks in advance👍

Hello Hamish,

Sorry to bother you again.

Can you do another refresh?

Principal: aw3oa-whm7g-uwwsy-ovzh7-aprmx-a6lco-f265h-bmiuz-prl7w-fbqk2-nae

Neuron id: 8118940949017713963

Neuron address: ba5c7dcb3f76f29f2679d524726c69f94b12c936f8e87846a251c3421d5fa984

Thank you!

Looks like proposal 5771? I has been approved and executed. So @hpeebles are we good to refresh our own neurons?

That’s done!

@skilesare unfortunately yesterday’s attempted fix didn’t work since the code to pull in the memo values wasn’t compatible with the ledger’s archive canisters due to their API being slightly different to the main ledger canister (I think this will be changed so that they become exactly the same).

But I’ve now sorted that and there is a new proposal (5989) which contains this fix.

Once that gets executed (provided it works properly this time!) it will take ~3-4 hours to sync all of the past transaction data at which point you’ll be able to add ICP to neurons created before May 19th.

You’ll know once it’s working by seeing that the original transaction to create the neuron is labelled as ‘Stake Neuron’ rather than ‘Send ICP’. As soon as you see that, you’re good to send more ICP to that same address to increase the neuron’s stake.


This only visible difference will be that transactions to create neurons from before May 19th will be labelled as ‘Stake Neuron’ rather than simply ‘Send ICP’.

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Thank you!

Are there any plans to submit a proposal to disburse zero-balance neurons?

At this point if you try to disburse an unlocked neuron it just transfers the balance to your main account but the neuron just sits there with zero balance.