Guide: How to top-up an existing neuron

Does ‘Merge Maturiry’ affect neuron age bonus? We know that increasing neuron stake does affect the age right?

The ‘age’ of a neuron is based on the average length of time the ICP has been staked.

So as you add new ICP to a neuron, that new ICP has an ‘age’ of 0 so the age bonus (as a percentage) will decrease, but in absolute terms it stays the same.

So merging the maturity means adding 0-age ICP, which brings the average age down.

So the answer is yes :slight_smile:

Can we speak of neuron age having the units of TIME/ICP? The average time staked per unit ICP?


Can you manually refresh my Neuron, please? I topped up about 7000 ICP hoping to reduce the dissolve delay of one of the seed neurons I have.

my principal id is “v7cc2-wbjf7-dloyx-43km2-ive2v-qcyno-edull-b4c73-jdllb-haoqj-7ae”

neuron ID: 7426475773933408710


@wgfernandes_BR Please check now, that should be done :+1: