Discussion: Is it ok to use NNS in my dapp

Hello there, guys! Congratulations on the launch - all the news around are about it.
I’m prepared a presentation for my colleagues which compares Ethereum and IC from different technical perspectives (hope we’ll move our development to IC instead of Eth + Swarm).

My question is: if NNS is implemented in a way that it is possible to call ANY canister method from within a voting, is it appropriate to base some of my logic on it?

For example: I have a token and I want for ICP holders to decide if this token should be minted to someone via voting. Can I do this with NNS or I should implement my own small NNS for it?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @senior.joinu

The Internet Computer is about permissionless innovation and Open Internet Services. The NNS is one such Open Internet Service.

It is appropriate to base logic on the public APIs of open internet services. That sort of composability is exactly what makes us excited for seeing what our developer community will build.