Improving the NNS Dapp for SNS voting 🗳️

I thought I would write a short post on what the NNS Dapp team has been working on. It has been a busy few months of developing and proposing critical new features to improve the overall user experience.

SNS voting
One such feature that got community acceptance is the SNS voting feature, which does exactly what it says in the tin, allows users to vote on SNS proposals using the NNS Dapp :slight_smile:

An image worths a thousand votes

While existing SNSs have built-in voting, enabling the NNS Dapp to support SNS voting frees future SNS projects from having to implement this functionality on their own. And from a user prospective, ICP neurons and SNS neurons are conveniently in one place. SNS voting has been in development for a while and it was finally proposed and enabled in proposal 122791

Canister renaming
Improving the developer workflow in the NNS Dapp is also a priority. A frequently requested feature has been renaming of canisters through the UI. You can of course still track the mapping between canister identifier and name through dfx.json, but the NNS Dapp now allows the quick and convenient renaming for your deployed canisters.

As always, the NNS Dapp repo is and the Changelog that the team is committed to maintaining is at

There is a lot more in the development pipeline but I’ll leave that for another post :slight_smile:

In the meantime, please feel free to send feedback in this thread or in the Developer Feedback Board.


:joy: Love it. Yup, it was voted for.

It would be nice to have the approve and reject buttons in the overview, so you don’t have an extra step.

OpenChat did a great job with that. Voting there is fast and easy without the need to “change screens”.


Thanks for the suggestion. We actually have a similar request for “Bulk voting” already documented in our backlog, and I’ll add your post to it.

The idea of enabling bulk voting has been discussed a few times on the forum. However, so far, we always have prioritized other improvements to enhance the overall voting experience, such as the “optimistic voting” feature that we proposed last year.

In my personal opinion, while I understand that such a feature would be convenient, I am concerned that it may lead to votes being cast without thoroughly reviewing the content of the proposals. This could potentially compromise the quality and to some extension the security of the voting process. Instead, I believe it would be beneficial to focus on improving the user experience of the neuron following process first.

Nevertheless, only my two cents and not my call anyway :wink:. Thanks for the feedback, well noted and documented!

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There are proposals I don’t want to read thoroughly :wink:
Like most subnet management proposals by proposer 40 for example.

As for the proposals I want to read, there is a “read more” button on OpenChat, which enables me to read the whole proposal without changing screens.

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Then you can follow a known neuron for such topic :wink:.

Like I said, only my personal though and absolutely understand. Thanks for the example!