Token Creation and Swapping it for ICP?

How can we facilitate a token swap on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) using the ICRC-1 token standard? Let’s assume we’ve created a token named “JBTOKEN”. What would be the process to exchange it for ICP tokens?

Additionally, is it possible to informally transfer our JBTOKEN to a colleague, with the intention that they might exchange it for their ICP tokens to support our project? Is such a peer-to-peer exchange feasible and compliant within the ICP environment?

Do you have to use SNS to be able to tokenize your Dapp? think i am lost here - i know on Ethereum for example you can create any token and then add liquidity on say Uniswap and others can purchase it - how does that work here on IC ?

same here… ICP its permisionless.
SNS is a DAO where you can decentralize your project once is mature enough to present a business model + utility and let the community participate in it. Again, SNS is permisionless

That doesn’t answer my questions

You don’t have to use SNS to tokenize your dAPP (OGY token for example). You can create any token you want and add to p2p exchanger if that dex allow anon token being add permisionlessly.

Thank you - An issue I am having is - that it appears that if I want to let each user on my Dapp have their own wallet ( to use to pay for service on the Dapp itself - and transact among each other - looks like each person has to have their own canister - which obviously would be super costly - and wouldn’t make it possible to compete with Web2 or am I missing something? and once you create your token, you only need to add it to the p2p exchanger/dex and add liquidity?

You can check ckBTC implementation where every user doesn’t really have a ICP canisters wallet but still they pay for the fees

I don’t know if it helps you but I’ve made a service to create a token on icp no code:

ICPEx support create both ICRC-2 and DIP20 Token: