Default store name not found

Has anyone run into this before? Trying to access from Safari:

image seems to not work either, but there I get a blank page. Chrome is currently working fine.

I’m in Texas. I’m talking to other users in California having a similar issue.

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Let me escalate this

We ended up having to use with the seed phrase to get things going again. For me, at this point is working on both chrome and safari, but, only on chrome.

I cannot reproduce the issue on my iPhone and laptop with standard network or VPN and normal or incognito window.

The issue you are facing is linked to the Content Security Policy. It seems that the policy is not correctly interpreted - i.e. strict-dynamic is not supported which should be the case since Safari v15.4 (source) released March 15, 2022.

Are you using an older version of Safari?

That said it’s a bit odd that it then works for domain.

Can you collect and share both Content-Security-Policy tag so that we can compare if one is different of the other (should not)?

This is for


Looks like I need to update safari. Trying it now.


If it works, means they had a bug in Safari v15 regarding the CSP. We use strict-dynamic and browser are suppose to use parent rules as fallback if not supported.

Regarding the SW issue, I think my colleague @NathanosDev will have a look but, I bet it’s the same root cause because I experienced issue few years ago with Safari v14 and one of my app :weary:.

Looking forward to your next feedback and thanks for giving a try upgrading!