Internet Identity service portal on Google Chrome - don’t work

Hello everybody.
I have a problem with the

Google Chrome don’t work:

I have the same issue, and now it doesn’t recognise my device… please just hold on, hopefully they assist us in this matter.

For me this same error started on 4th Nov all of a sudden.

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I have the same problem on my home PC. I think it appeared after another Windows update. It does not work II in opera, brave, mozilla, chrome - nowhere.
However, everything works on my other devices.

Thanks for letting folks know. Let me ping the Internet Identity team to see if they know any way to troubleshoot or review this.


If it happened after a Windows update, this might be related to that cert expiring for win11. I remember reading something about this recently (Microsoft warns Windows 11 features are failing due to its expired certificate - The Verge)

I believe they pushed an update already, try and see if you have any available.


Fwiw two things I heard would help:

  1. “ Shift-reload seems to help.”
  2. “Clear Chrome cache and try again”

Thanks But I have Windows 10

Nothing helps, unfortunately. This is a problem of the whole system, not only Chrome, because it does not work in any browser. Although it used to work in all browsers.

Victory!!! Problem solved. Installing IIS and ASP.NET helped me. At least after that the error 500 disappeared.
Distribute a Windows 10 app from an IIS server - MSIX | Microsoft Docs


Thanks for sharing a solution!

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Every time I try to log into NNS and DSCVR with ID it wont log in and says this is “currently unable to handle this request.HTTP ERROR 500”

its been like this for 3ish days now, tried everything possible, different browsers, resetting, changing settings.

everything else on my internet works fine apart from anything to do with DSCVR and NNS

please fix

What kind of operating system do you have?

i fixed it, swapping to automated time fixed the issue for me, spread the word