Problems with iPhone loading


EDIT: NOW WORKING closed all apps rebooted iPhone and damn it worked the old “Have you tried turn it off and on” Chrome and Firefox still are a problem though.

I am currently having issues loading on iPhone Safari latest version. It just keep’s reloading over and over…

If I try the same URL on the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox my iPhone it goes to step2 Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap but tells me my browser isn’t supported!

If I try my windows PC there are no worries it works fine. I just don’t have a identity USB key to continue.

Are there known issues currently? I have tried another iPhone and having the same issues. Is there a status page that can show me outages?


Same here but on Windows 10, this thing does not work anywhwere I tried Mozilla, Chrome and Opera.

I get error 500, hope that helps.

A bit worrying to see a link from Dominic’s Twitter not functioning.

I finally got my backup old finger print iPhone working had to update to the latest iOS version that’s for sure. Still only seems to work on safari.

Things seems a little buggy at the moment, hopefully it all gets ironed out rapidly. Can’t have stupid bugs getting in the way of rapid adoption.