ckBTC linked accounts/addresses in NNS

Is there a timeline for adding ckBTC linked accounts/addresses or sub accounts in the NNS?

I need multiple addresses for different entities under a single Internet Identity like the ICP token already has, but for ckBTC.

It would also be helpful to see when this will be available for other ecosystem tokens as well.

Much appreciated cheers.

hi guys,
i just sent some bitcoin to my bitcoin address on icp. i used the address in the nns, when you press on receive and then switch the tab from ckbtc to bitcoin. the transaction is confirmed (as i can see on the blockstream explorer) but i can’t see the bitcoin i sent because i only can see my ckbtc-address in the nns. where can i see my bitcoin on the icp with the bitcoin address?

thanks for your help.

You have to wait for 12 confirmations and then click “Refresh balance”

Regarding original OP’s question, I forwarded the question to the team.