[SOLVED] No ETH address in NNS like BTC in ckBTC?

When you go to ckBTC in the NNS, you’re given a BTC address, that I’ve used and it works great for receiving BTC. But when you go to ckETH, you’re not given an ETH address to receive ETH. Is there any way that I can convert a small amount of ETH to ICP? Only about $25 worth.

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It’s because of this:

In other words, it’ll come a bit later.

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Oh I see, ok… So I asked the AI how to convert ETH to ckETH, and it gave me this:

To convert ETH to ckETH, you can follow these steps:

1. Obtain an ICP principal or wallet address.

2. Deposit your ETH: Ethereum holders can deposit Ether to the deposit function in the ckETH helper contract on Ethereum 0x7574eB42cA208A4f6960ECCAfDF186D627dCC175 and specify their ICP principal or wallet address where they want their minted ckETH to appear.

3. Mint ckETH: The ICP ckETH canister smart contract will then mint the same amount of ckETH to the indicated ICP principal or wallet address.

Do you have a “for dummies” version of those instructions?

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert ETH to ckETH: How to Acquire ckETH. This article provides an overview of… | by Jennifer Tran | The Internet Computer Review | Medium

You should then be able to convert ckETH to ICP using one of the DEXes on ICP.

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Thank you @jennifertran, it appears I have some light reading to do :sweat_smile:

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I went through the process you detail in your article. After I make the deposit, and it gets processed, will the ckETH show up in my NNS ckETH wallet?

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It worked! Thanks!